A Botched patient has reflected on how a flesh-eating bacteria “destroyed” her nose and “tore” her life apart while growing up.

The long-running E! Entertainment show has featured some of the most horrifying surgeries with surprising results and miraculous procedures that have given a second life to patients.

In a previous episode, one patient shared how a flesh-eating bacteria destroyed her face and life when she was diagnosed with a health issue years ago.

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Botched patient’s flesh-eating bacteria nose

Edna decided to seek the help of Botched doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow after some sort of flesh-eating bacteria “destroyed” her nose.

She met Nassif and Dubrow and told them that was first diagnosed with health issues when she was one year old. Edna hasn’t had a fully functional nose for years and had difficulty breathing properly.

Despite undergoing four separate surgeries over the course of several years, her nose’s appearance didn’t improve and she still had breathing issues.

Edna said that her priority was to improve her breathing, then the color of her nose, and lastly the overall shape of her nose.

Botched star grew up being gawked at

In a confessional, Edna opened up about the heartbreaking effect of her health issues. She told cameras that she grew up being gawked at, which “tore” her life apart.

“When I was a baby, I was sick,” she explained to Botched viewers. “My dad told the doctor just to not let me die.”

Edna shared that she would often get stared at when she was in public, admitting: “I had to lead my entire life with people staring at me. And it tears me apart.”

Edna said that her health impacted her daughter

Elsewhere in her confessional, Edna reflected on how her health issue has impacted others in her life. She was especially concerned about her daughter and the impact on her life.

“I wish this never happened because it changed your life totally, and it’s very uncomfortable, like, when you see somebody’s looking at you different than other people around,” she said. “People look and they turn around and they look again.”

“I don’t want to be judged by what I look like,” Edna continued. “I don’t want people to look at me as this. Because I’m not this.”

After the life-changing surgery, Edna said that she “felt beautiful” with her new nose and was more confident when she was in public.

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