One Botched patient was glad to have her “milk armpits” removed as they stopped her from wearing her “dream wedding dress”.

The E! Entertainment show was renewed for season 8 and the new series is expected to debut at some point in 2023.

While viewers at home wait for the new season, we take a trip down memory lane with a patient who had a unique reduction of “two extra breasts” that were leaking milk.

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Botched patient has “two extra breasts” removed

In season seven episode one, Samantha met with Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow for the removal of two “extra breasts” under her armpits which were leaking milk.

The Botched patient revealed that the armpit lumps actually leaked when she was breastfeeding and they prevented her from wearing the wedding dress of her dreams.

“I have two sets of boobs and although you would think that would be fun, it’s not. Having four breasts is the pits,” she explained to the cameras.

“It just looks so painful,” her husband agreed. “It’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”

Botched patient says lump was the size of a “B-cup”

Samantha explained that the armpit lumps appeared after she got pregnant and they kept growing after the birth of her daughter.

The patient described the lumps as the size of a “B-cup” and “half a softball” and they were “sore and tender to the touch”.

Samantha recalled meeting other doctors who told her that they can’t remove her “extra breasts”. She was told: “You’re stuck with them. Can this be fixed, or will I always have breasts in my armpits?”

Doctors feared she had a thyroid issue

During the examination, Dubrow and Nassif wondered if the lumps were fat or tumors and noticed that Samantha’s thyroid appeared to be swollen.

“The thing with Samantha is we need to resolve any issues with her thyroid before her surgery,” Nassif said. However, on the day of her surgery, her thyroid tests came all negative.

“The fact that Samantha’s thyroid workup is negative means the problem in her armpits is an isolated problem,” Dubrow said. “We can therefore go into surgery with confidence knowing the masses in her armpits will not grow back again.”

After the surgery, Samantha said that she was excited to finally wear the dress of her dreams. “I can’t wait to wear what I want and just be more confident,” she said. “I’m just so excited. I’m so thankful for Dr Dubrow. He just did what he knew he needed to do.”

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