Botched saw Tara Jayne walk into Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow’s office, but was later refused to have a breast enlargement due to how dangerous they believe surgery could be for her health.

Australian model Tara, who weighs 43kg (94 lbs), attempted to have her 540cc breast implants upgraded to 1000cc on E!’s Botched in 2020. Two years on and the country’s doctors have banned the star from having any more surgery.

Paul Nassif told Tara: “You’ve got to gain some weight because I’m worried about your health.” He added that he even felt worried about the model going under anaesthesia, let alone under the knife.

Despite being denied surgery, since filming Tara has gone elsewhere to have her implants largened to 1050cc. She has exaggerated her ‘Barbie Doll’ features even more – as documented on Instagram.

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Who is Tara from Botched?

Tara is a cosmetic nurse and plastic surgery fanatic who once appeared on Botched in 2020. The 33-year-old strives to look like a ‘Barbie Doll’ and featured on documentary series Mirror Mirror in 2021, a year after her initial TV fame.

She describes herself as ‘limited edition’ and spoke about the inadequacy of her E-cup breasts on the show, detailing how she wants to make them even bigger. However, Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow both refused to perform the surgery.

Her goal was to get her breasts up to 1000cc, but Terry said she already has rippling on her chest area and said much bigger implants would make the skin and soft tissue thinner. He added that he’d rather do it than anyone else.

However, both the doctors deemed her weight dangerously low and decided to avoid the surgery, as they were worried about her health. Tara was then advised by the duo to gain weight.

Tara Jayne’s plastic surgery

Tara has spent $200K to achieve her ‘Barbie Doll’ look, which includes five breast augmentations, six nose jobs, and multiple injections of Botox and filler. In 2019, the Botched star’s appearance was much less defined.

She has 1050 cubic centimetre implants, along with 410mls of silicone implanted into her bottom. During Botched, Tara said she’d stop at nothing to maintain and even enhance her ‘knockout’ 37-inch bust, 17-inch waist and 29-inch hips.

The plastic surgery addict added:

There is no limit for me when it comes to plastic surgery. It is incredibly addictive and I want bigger breasts. As soon as travel is permitted, I have plans to go overseas to visit my surgeon and get my breast size increased to 1500cc.

Since filming for the E! show, Tara has gone elsewhere to have her implants boosted to 1050cc, and wants them larger.

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Where is the Botched star today?

Tara has now been banned from getting surgery in Australia, which has led to her having to go abroad to get more nips and tucks. She was recently spotted as part of a rare sighting in Melbourne with her mother, The Mail reports.

Despite the ban, the model revealed how Europe are “happy to take her money” but added that she had to pause going under the knife during the Covid-19 lockdown, as per Sydney Morning Herald‘s Private Sydney.

She currently works as a Force 1 ambassador alongside her Only Fans and cosmetic nurse jobs, and boasts a whopping 149K followers on Instagram. Her lips are bigger than they have ever been, along with her breast size.



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