Hurricane Garrett, who has become known as a sugar baby, made an appearance on E!’s Botched, where he asked the doc for bigger lips.

After revealing that Dr. Nassif is “absolutely his type in a sugar daddy”, he said that he doesn’t want to continuously keep being poked by needles.

Instead, Hurricane Garrett wants something a bit more permanent, which is why he chose to go to Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow for a consultation.

If you’re wanting to find out more about the Botched star, then you’ve come to the right place. We explored his background and previous surgery.

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Who is Hurricane Garrett?

Hurricane Garrett describes himself as a “ken doll” on social media.

He refers to living a “life in plastic” in his Instagram bio, and also outlines that he is a pug daddy, who often appears in his photos.

His monthly addiction to lip injections caused nerve damage.

The Botched star often gets photographed at well-known locations across the USA, such as the Playboy Mansion.

Hurricane Garrett has turned his passion into his own career, as he is a licensed aesthetician and CEO of skincare service Plastic Skin Studios.

Hurricane Garrett: Surgery explored

The Botched star has five millilitres in his top lip, and five in the bottom lip.

He revealed that, due to being “poked so much”, he cannot feel the lower part of his lip very well at all.

In future, Hurricane Garrett hopes of getting his pecs and bottom done, and added that he would love to have a rib removed.

The E! Entertainment star also says he wants a tiny waist as he “loves that look”, and already has a measurement of 24 or smaller.

When he was on Botched, he asked to have a permanent lip implant, which would double the size of his lips.

What is Hurricane Garrett’s career?

The term sugar baby usually means being someone who is monetarily supported either by a mature woman or man.

This may sometimes be due to an exchange in camaraderie or even sexual favours, depending on their agreement.

He revealed that having less feeling in his lower lip affects his income because his “sugar daddies like his lips”.

Hurricane Garrett added that some sugar daddies pay rent, or buy you trips, but that he just wanted a monthly allowance.



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