Longtime viewers of E!’s Botched may remember a woman called Bunny, who glowed an unusual shade of purple when she walked into Dr. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif’s clinic.

She caused the doctor duo’s jaws to drop after she announced she wanted larger breasts. The request was made while the star, who goes by the name Blaze Bunny Cosplay, was dressed up as Amethyst from Steven’s Universe.

Dr. Dubrow advised the Cosplay artist not to get any more surgery, after she informed him she was trying to find a doctor willing to upgrade her current 2,000 cc breast implants.

We can confirm that she hasn’t been seen in the Amethyst get-up for a while, and has left social media. It comes after she first appeared on the plastic surgery-based show in 2017.

Who is the Amethyst cosplay artist?

A girl who goes by the name Bunny Blaze dressed up as Amethyst from Steven’s Universe. The star turned to the Botched doctors to help transform herself into the ultimate Cosplay character during a 2017 episode.

First thought to be an avatar by the doctor duo, she revealed that her first surgery took place when she was 18 years old. She later detailed how she will not stop until she gets what she wants from a plastic surgeon.

Within a year of getting 850 cc implants into her breasts, Bunny spoke of how she started to have a “double bubble” and “bottom out”, while the breast muscle on her side had began to lap over.

Now that Season 7 has began airing on E!, viewers have been searching high and low to find out what Bunny is up to five years on since her jaw-dropping appearance.

Her experience on Botched

Having always wanted the “fake, unnatural-looking boob look”, Bunny wasn’t happy with how her 850 cc breasts had continued to drop, which is why she wanted 2000 cc instead.

She told the doctors: “Surprisingly I get a lot of people still confusing that my boobs are real and that’s something I’m really trying to stray away from.”

Later, when she was examined by Dr. Dubrow, he told her:

Don’t do any more surgery. This is as much as your body is going to tolerate. The next step from here is the implant thinning the skin, showing through, getting infected, and most likely turning you into a breast cripple.

While Bunny described the advice as “helpful”, she was determined to go after the look she really wanted.

Where is Blaze Bunny today?

Blaze Bunny has removed her old social media profiles since her Botched debut, but was last pictured at an Inked and Geeked 2017 event. A fan detailed how she got married to a woman, 41, who goes by the name of Pink Cosplay.

It is thought that Blaze moved out west with her wife following the TV appearance. Having done some research, it looks like she has completely gone off the map and taken herself away from the public limelight.

The professional cosplay model is no longer a deep shade of purple, as that was just one of her outfits as Amethyst. However, she does still like the colour violet, and sported a bright purple wig and purple lipstick at the 2017 event.



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