The Growing Up Chrisley narrator knows Twitter doesn't like her voiceover
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The Growing Up Chrisley narrator knows Twitter doesn't like her voiceover

Given the huge success of the USA Network show, Chrisley Knows Best, it’s no wonder that Todd and Julie Chrisley’s children got their own spin-off show. The Chrisley kids first took to the screen in 2014 and then went their own way on Growing Up Chrisley in 2019.

In 2022, Growing Up Chrisley moved over to E! Entertainment for its fourth season. Savannah and Chase Chrisley are still the stars of the show and both are dealing with all kinds of hurdles in life as they get older. Chase’s girlfriend, Emmy, and friend Elliott appear on the show, as does Savannah’s friend Chad.

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Growing Up Chrisley has a narrator

Since Growing Up Chrisley moved over to E! Entertainment from USA Network, fans of the show have noticed that the series now has a narrator.

In a ‘Too Hot to Handle’-esq fashion, a female voice-over comments along as the episodes play out in 2022.

The narrator comments on all kinds of things, from Chase being “salty” to recapping what happened in the last episode to making quips about Savannah having “two left feet inside of two right shoes”.

Fans aren’t keen on the Growing Up Chrisley narration

Judging by Twitter, the voice-over on Growing Up Chrisley came as a surprise to many viewers of the show.

Lots of fans have expressed their feelings over the narration and overall, it seems that the consensus is that viewers aren’t too happy about it.

One person tweeted: “Glad I am not the only one who is not a fan of the voice-over. Please tell me we are not going to hear it all season.”

Another wrote: “Love the family. Not a fan of the show narration. Not necessary. Enjoy the banter of the family/friends.”

Who is the Growing Up Chrisley narrator?

The Growing Up Chrisley narrator is writer, actor, and producer Traci Stumpf.

Fan’s dislike of the voiceover on the show hasn’t gone unnoticed as Traci tweeted herself that Twitter wasn’t happy about the narration.

She’s been hosting and narrating since 2012 and appears to be a mom-of-one judging by her Instagram page.

Find Traci on IG, where she has around 30K followers at @tracistumpf.



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