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2020 update: Theo Campbell on his eye injury - Love Island star is inking a new chapter in tattoos after life-changing injury

Theo Campbell made his name starring in the 2017 series of Love Island. Despite the fact he left the villa single, he went on to find love with 2018 contestant Kaz Crossley, much to the delight of fans.

But the past six months have been tumultuous for Theo. Not only has his life been altered by an eye injury, but his relationship with Kaz has drawn to a close, ending another Love Island success story.

Yet things are looking good, as Theo is focussing all of his attention on a brand new business venture. RTB got the chance to speak with Theo about his recent split from Kaz, updates on his eye injury and the big plans he has for 2020.

Theo Campbell at INK’D

Theo talks tattoos

As we commence the interview, Theo is just on his way back from a meeting with his business partner about what numbing cream they might stock in INK’D, their tattoo studio in Fulham. For someone who has few tattoos himself, Theo already seems to be in the know about how to run the business.

When asked about how he got into tattooing, Theo said:

It’s something I’ve been planning to do for a year now. I had the conversation with my partner in December [2018]. I was going to get started with it a bit sooner, in September, but then I got hit in the eye.

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Comparing Theo and his business partner, who is totally inked up and looks fit for the role, Theo joked: “I’m sure I’m going to look that that eventually. I’ve got a couple booked in!”

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The bounty Love Island brings

Theo is definitely looking ahead when it comes to making the most of his Love Island fame.

Theo explained: “When you get off Love Island, you kind of get to live off it because it pays so well. I was a PT before, but I thought if I go back to personal training, I’d be doing thirty hours a week for something I could do for one post a week.”

He continued to say:

There’s no point going on the show and getting all this following and not setting yourself up for the longevity of it. A lot of people try to live off the Instagram stuff, which is cool, but it’s quite empty. Human beings as a whole need purpose; a reason to wake up in the morning.

Before Love Island fame, Theo was on Team GB as a 400m relay runner. As athletics was previously his sole “reason to wake up in the morning,” now he has found a new passion!

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Theo’s gives eye injury updates

Back in September 2019, Theo did the media rounds to talk about the accident which caused him the sight in his right eye – a champagne cork did the deed.

But when asked how he was doing now in 2020, there was a sense of tiredness, which can be expected from someone who has had a life-altering incident. Resigned, Theo said:

It looks fine, I act fine and I don’t let it affect me, but from when it happened to right now, it’s exactly the same.

Theo went into details about how he still has nine stitches remaining in his eye and that “the only way to improve [his] vision would be to get a corneal eye transplant.” Doesn’t sound like the easiest option to us!

Theo breaks down the breakup with Kaz

When describing the accident, Theo repeatedly explained how supportive Kaz was while he underwent eye surgery, making the question of Theo’s recent breakup inevitable. When asked about how he was finding having a breakup in the limelight, Theo explained that:

It’s always a shame when any relationship ends. She’s [Kaz] got to do her thing at the moment and I’m happy for her. I’ve got his new business as well. We still talk, we’re still cool. There’s no bad blood there, no one cheated or anything like that.

Kaz and Theo’s breakup sounds as amicable as it could be and he even ended by asking: “Who knows in the future?”

For now, Theo is focussing on his main business venture with INK’D and making the most of this moment.


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