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AOL Build Presents: "Fixer Upper"

Former Fixer Upper clients haven't wriggled out of their Worm House

Jordan and Rachel Barker had some money – and a hefty amount of land – to play with when they first featured on Fixer Upper. With the help of Chip and Joanna Gaines, they turned around The Worm House.

The iconic episode first hit screens in 2017, but as the new season of Fixer Upper: Welcome Home gets well underway on Magnolia, fans who have watched for years are being reminded of the Texan home.

Unable to wriggle out of the property, the couple, along with their children, have actually stayed at the property ever since. We did some high and low searching to find out just how the place is looking four years on. Let’s take a look.

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The Barker family on Fixer Upper

With a budget of $435,000 to play with, Jordan and Rachel Barker set out to buy 17 acres of land, including a pond, near Waco, Texas. They bought the ‘Worm House’ for $225,000, trusting Chip and Joanna to help with renovating.

Joanna planned to take the wormhole home into its own with a European-style farmhouse, and she did exactly that. Its name came from a fireplace that appeared to have had potential worms crawling through it. Eek!

Built in the 1980s, the place needed an entire dusting and spring clean. Chip decided to rip out the dated tile, cabinets, and plush carpeting, while Joanna got to work on removing the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

With four children, Jordan and Rachel planned to turn the place into a home for their six-person family. And it all paid off, as the Gaines did everything they could to make the renovation an absolute success.

They had a few requirements, such as wanting an office space without sacrificing any of the three bedrooms.

The Worm House renovation

Due to the original kitchen being a tiny space, The Worm House ended up with a giant kitchen and dining area, as well as two new walls in a corner to create an enclosed office. They used reclaimed materials to keep the ‘farmhouse’ look.

From ceiling wood beams to carved wooden doors with paned windows for the office, they definitely managed to maintain the rusty vibe, with a modern feel. But there were even worm-looking holes in the walls!

They decided to refinish the walls and turned the master bedroom into a huge sleeping space. They expanded the walls out to the back porch, adding a master bath and walk-in closet. 

Onto the kitchen, Joanna turned to Harp Designs to have a farmhouse table built, and instead of painting over the wormholes, they decided to add a layer of plaster over them, as well as over the fireplace.

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Jordan and Rachel still remain there

Reality Titbit had a look at Rachel’s Facebook page to find what appears to be the Worm House in her profile picture background. Both her and Jordan, along with their four children, seem happier than ever living there.

We even found a 2016 video of her two daughters trying to use a mini hammer on the outdoor table, where we can see a tree, plants and the windows of the property surrounding them.

It all paid off for the couple, who have turned a basic, run-down property into their forever family home!



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