How to make fake blood with honey for Halloween 2021

Fake blood is the ultimate essential for Halloween, but what if the shops run out? Don’t worry, grab some honey and you’re good to go.

Everyone knows that spooky season is the only time you can really go to town with make-up and wacky outfits, so you might as well do it properly.

With the shops trying to stock up, and everyone grabbing the last pumpkin on the shelf, we can’t always rely on supermarkets to have fake blood.

That’s why we put together this guide to make fake blood, and it involves an ingredient you’ll probably have in the cupboard: honey.

Fake blood with honey: Ingredients

There are only three ingredients needed to make fake blood with honey, and of course, one of them includes… well, honey.

The other two ingredients are:

  • Paprika
  • Ketchup (or red food coloring)
  • Water

Were you expecting more? Nope, that’s literally all you need. They are all likely situated in the sauce and spice aisle at your local supermarket.

Some recipes for fake blood may also include water and food colouring, but those are completely unnecessary for this at-home guide.

How to make fake blood with honey

It should only take five minutes tops to make fake blood with honey. Much quicker than having to search around the shops for the tubed thing!

  1. Pour honey into a jar until it is half full
  2. Add a tablespoon and a half of water per half cup of honey
  3. Stir thoroughly
  4. Add the ketchup (or red food colouring). For the amount, keep adding gradually until the colour is a deep red.
  5. Then, add a tablespoon of paprika and mix all ingredients well.
  6. Now, you should be able to add this to clothing or skin. As it’s all completely edible, it doesn’t matter if you accidentally swallow some!

Halloween ideas using fake blood

There’s seriously so many incredible Halloween outfit ideas using fake blood, from fake cuts to bloody tear drops.

We picked out some of our favorites from Instagram:


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