Designed by Axel Vervoordt and Claudio Silvestrin on the inside, the infamous monochromatic home of Kim Kardashian was once shared with her then-husband, Kanye ‘Ye’ West. However, it’s now the home of Kim plus her four children: North, Saint, Psalm, and Chicago.

What’s inside Kim Kardashian’s home? Everything and nothing.

The Hidden Hills mega-mansion took three years to build, and the family finally moved into their home in 2017. Kim and Kanye, as well as their four children used to live at Kris Jenner’s home across the street.

During this year’s Kardashian seasonal events, Kim has been showing off different areas of her impressive home. While the driveway was covered in creepy skulls and hands sticking out of the ground for Halloween, Kim has now covered her home with plenty of Christmas trees for the festive season.

Inside Kim Kardashian’s home – minimalistic colors and ‘weird’ furniture

An all-white decor – ‘futuristic monastery’

Kim and Kanye purchased the property for $20 million in 2014. Its renovations and spectacular design have bumped its worth to an estimated $60 million.

Described as a “futuristic monastery” by Kanye, the mega-mansion only features a unique all-white interior giving off the monastery or museum vibes. With high ceilings and endless hallways, there’s barely any glimpse of vivid colors.

As soon as Kardashian fans saw the first glimpse of the mansion, many described it as “empty but monochromatic”. Critics didn’t understand the point of a white interior and exterior design. They needed an explanation as to “how there aren’t stains on everything”. We’re still looking for answers.

Extravagant furniture and backless chairs

One of her most extravagant and unique pieces of furniture is her chairs. The low bucket shape chair, also backless, was designed by Rick Owens.

Kim‘s office has not been particularly chosen as their favorite. Fans couldn’t believe the incredibly uncomfortable office. Especially looking at those chairs.

Showing off a tour of her office, The Kardashian star introduced her awkward-angle chairs with no backseat and with only a thin cushion covering the seat.

Made out of wood and different shapes, the internet could only pray for those who sat on them.

A flat sink caused so much internet confusion

When Kim gave a tour of her minimalist home, the one thing that stood out the most from their house were the sinks in the bathroom.

Windows clear and privacy covered by a row of trees, it seems private but also vulnerable inside her bathroom. Kim’s bathroom is so extra. With two chairs between the rectangular bathtub and the flat sink, the open bathroom soaks up all the sunlight.

Designed by Kanye himself with Alex and Claudio, the trio came up with a flat sink that wouldn’t splash all over the floor, and it’s all thanks to the sink’s depth and slope.

Naturally, the internet became confused by the functionality, to the point the reality star herself had to explain days later.

In a demonstration, Kim touted that no matter how high the pressure was, “no backlash will come up”.

A gigantic bed and huge marble wall

Sleep is the most important thing in Kim’s household. Even though the family has one of the craziest schedules in show business history, no one can mess with her getting a good night’s sleep.

In fact, Kim‘s bed size is one of the biggest the internet has ever seen. Naturally, Kardashian fans were curious as to how many people could fit in.

Fans accused the star of flaunting her wealth after she showed fans a rare inside look at her big bedroom with white marble slabs on the wall and a bed size that could fit it the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan.

As reported by Daily Nation Today, the bed alone is estimated to reach the $220,000 price tag. Fun fact, it has become her children’s favorite place to sleep most nights, too.

North West’s dreamy room


Silly time with my Northie

♬ 1001 Arabian Nights – Chipz

While Kim Kardashian’s downstairs is surrounded by different shades of white, the upstairs has her color, or at least North’s bedroom.

As the eldest daughter, North has been given the key card that allows her to get an all-pink bedroom, complete with a Queen-size bed and a giant butterfly-shaped bed frame.

Although she is known for her all-black oversized outfits, she gave a totally different impression by turning her bedroom into a fantasyland.

Pink walls, pink chairs, pink mirrors, North is living the life of a Barbie.

An incredible walk-in designer wardrobe

It’s a walk-in closet, but it feels like a store. Thorughout her years in the spotlight, Kim has gotten pieces from the biggest luxury household fashion brands.

Sharing small snippets of her closet, fans were able to figure out a separate room for her shoes and purses. In another room, the 42-year-old keeps her clothes tidy on hangers, separated by colors and by occasions.

If Kim’s wardrobe was not big enough, she had to rent a separate storage room to keep her favorite pieces worn in past years.


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