What Sister Wives' Christine actually meant by 'basement wife'
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What Sister Wives' Christine actually meant by 'basement wife'

Kody Brown’s ex-wife Christine changed the entire family dynamic when she packed up and left the Sister Wives line-up. She was one of several wives in a polyamorous family – but not anymore.

Alongside Janelle, Meryl and Robyn, Christine was used to being one of four wives in a relationship with Kody. However, they all lived separately during the pandemic, which led to a massive family shake-up.

Christine’s concerns in her marriage were no secret as she said during the show’s season 15 finale that she didn’t want to be married to Kody anymore. Fast-forward a few months, and she’s officially packed up and left.

Then when the Sister Wives recent reunion came to air, she described herself as a “basement wife”. Let’s find out what she really meant by that term and how she gave it a whole new meaning.

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‘Basement wife’ meaning

The term ‘basement wife’ was never a legitimate meaning, but Christine basically defined it herself during the recent reunion. She claimed that the term means being the wife which doesn’t matter as much as the other wives.

In polygamy, it is thought to refer to someone in a plural family who is not considered important. However, most people had not even heard of it until Christine openly spoke about it on the TLC show.

With references to a ‘head wife’ and ‘basement wife’, the now ex-wife to Kody said she “never felt like I was queen wife or queen mom” when she was part of the plural community.

Christine’s experience as a ‘basement wife’

Christine revealed she felt as though everybody else’s needs came before her own in the Brown family, hence why she felt she had become a ‘basement wife’. During the reunion, she only labelled herself with the social term.

However, some fans think all of Kody’s wives – bar Robyn – could be basement wives. Christine went on to say that she has seen people fall victim to the meaning “a lot”. She said:

In the plural community, there’s certainly a basement wife mentality. If you have a situation where there’s a wife that’s the queen bee, well, the other wife goes in the basement, and she doesn’t matter as much. And I’ve seen it enough. I’ve seen it a lot.

She didn’t blame anyone else for becoming a ‘basement wife’ though, revealing she had made the choice herself. She went on to say she felt as though she no longer had a choice in the part she played in the family.

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Where Christine Brown is today

No longer romantically linked to Kody, she is now living with her daughter Truely Brown, near her older children in Utah. Looking at her Instagram, she appears to be thriving in her health-focused career.

She promotes gut health, a business called The Secret To Selfcare which she formed with Janelle, Maddie and Mykelti. So she still works closely with her former Sister Wives in a work format, just not in a romantic way.

Christine appears to be glowing since she left the family, from spending time with her grandchildren to working on her Lula Roe online clothing business. She has also had more time to read books!

Many fans are congratulating Christine’s new-found happiness. One commented on her Instagram: I’m so glad you’ve found yourself and followed your heart! #inspirational #badass.”


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