Kyle Richards is the last remaining and original RHOBH member to have been on the series since the first episode aired. More than a decade later, the actress has been involved in some dramatic moments that will go down in history in Beverly Hills.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is one of the most entertaining and dramatic series in Bravo’s history. During his years on television, viewers have witnessed arguments, tears, and plenty of drama.

As the show’s last remaining original cast member, Kyle Richards, the socialite has seen it all from the start. However, it’s also had its fair share of controversial moments since 2010.

The infamous ‘Goodbye, Kyle’

During the show’s history, there have been arguments between the Housewives. However, some have become catchphrase that goes viral.

Kyle’s friendship with Lisa has been deteriorating over the seasons. But season nine could have been the end of it all. Interestingly, despite their heated argument, it became one of the most iconic scenes on RHOBH.

While at Lisa’s house with her husband, Ken, the two get into a fight after Kyle accused her of lying about an article that made Dorit look bad. Hurt by her words, Lisa begins to reproach her for her attitude and fires her from her house after things escalate between the two.

Ken, who is defending his wife, is heard at the end yelling, “Bye, Kyle,” which quickly became a viral meme.

Siblings arguing in the limo

Kye and Kim might have each other’s back when it comes to having some sort of drama, but it doesn’t mean the two sisters can’t have an occasional fight.

After a night out and a couple of drinks, the ride back home was quite an eventful one. After discussing past disagreements and some drama involved, the Richards sisters ended up throwing the knives.

“You stole my goddamn house,” Kim accused, as Kyle looked at her in disbelief.

Kyle then uttered the phrase that caused the chaos, not only in the limousine but in their relationship: “You’re an alcoholic!”

Despite the shocking argument, Kim admitted that Kyle’s shocking words helped her to get the help she needed to sober up. Nonetheless, the reality star confessed to holding resentment toward her sister, and so does Kyle.

A wild trip to Aspen

It has to be said, the Aspen trip had everyone mad at each other. What was meant to be a relaxing vacation and a reward for a successful season turned into a night of arguments and a few tears?

However, half-sisters Kyle and Kathy Hilton took the number one stop as the most dramatic storyline in season 12. As the tension built over the seasons between the two sisters, it was just a matter of time until things exploded between the two.

Lisa was the first to stir up the tension between the two siblings. She threw Kathy under the bus claiming the star had said about her sister: “The world thinks she’s something she’s not.”

According to the episode, it was all due to the “tequila gate”. During his trip to Aspen, Kyle treated the housewife by renting space and bringing Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila.

However, it was not taken well by Kathy, who had invested in the Casa Del Sol tequila brand. Following the argument, the star left the table in a huff after Lisa’s comment about wanting to try Kendall Jenner’s tequila angered her.

Thanks, Kyle, I guess.

‘The woman yelling at cat’

Season two was a wild one. Even if Kyle wasn’t directly involved in the drama, the actress became one of the biggest memes ever.

It all started after Camille Grammer’s best friend, D.D., tried to confront Taylor Armstrong. When the other women at the table got involved in the conversation, things got out of hand with a lot of screaming.

In the effects of the alcohol, Taylor, who was angry, went back to yelling even more at all the Housewives. This prompted Kyle, sitting behind her, to hold her while pointing her finger.

It was then that the iconic “woman yelling at a cat” was created.



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