Marysol Patton's rural house is nothing like your usual Real Housewives pad
Screenshot: Marysol Patton, Your First Look at Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 Is Here! | Bravo YouTube

Marysol Patton's rural house is nothing like your usual Real Housewives pad

You’d think Marysol Patton’s luxurious lifestyle in Miami would be fully reflected in her home, as seen by many Housewives living up their Bravo salary. However, her home is unexpectedly quaint.

The Real Housewives of Miami star surprised viewers when she invited cameras to her secluded home, which was basically slap-bang in the middle of the woods. Even more ironic when the Versace mansion was the next stop…

She isn’t a full-time housewife… and it shows. While most Bravo cast members are living in huge multi-million dollar pads with at least four bathrooms (just in case), Marysol prefers to keep her home small and rural.

The Real Housewives of Miami | New Season Official Trailer | Peacock Original

The Real Housewives of Miami | New Season Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Inside Marysol Patton’s house

Marysol’s home was unexpectedly quaint and cute-looking, a vastly different type of property to own compared to most of the Real Housewives stars. She lives there with her husband Steve McNamara.

Inside the white-panelled home is a lamb ornament on the shelf, and despite its smallness, a swimming pool in the backyard. Most of its decor is white and glass, such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

She has clearly inherited her parent’s passion for antique items, from ornaments to mirrored teapots purely for decor in the living room. Marysol also has a 1730 painting of her great great great great paternal grandmother.

The RHOM star also has a Charleston incense holder, Christian cross and a huge gong – the same one she later claims she saw on the street for $100. Of course, family is also her priority, who she has in picture frames all over the walls.

Don’t worry though, Marysol hasn’t gone completely off the Miami vibes, as she does have a balcony with ocean views!

RHOM fans react to home

Marysol’s small (well, much tinier than any most RHOM star’s) home was a shock for most viewers. The majority of fans couldn’t believe how quaint the property is, and loved its unique vibe.

The opposite of your typical Miami pad, most were expecting her home to be a massive mansion due to her large amount of wealth. She has called her cosy home a “mini mans“, which has old paintings and white sofas inside.

A fan wrote: “I think Marysol wasn’t FT [full time] because I don’t think she has the over the top wealth the other ladies do. No shade but her home looks like it’s a guest house in someone’s yard.

Another simply said: “I love Marysol’s house #RHOM.”

Her house, it’s tiny! She has the audacity to come for Nicole!“, a RHOM fan said amid the Nicole and Marysol drama.

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The Bravo star’s net worth

Mary once auctioned off $3.5million worth of her late mother Elsa’s prized possessions, who was a collector of antiques, art and jewelry which she kept across three different homes.

The RHOM star grew up in money, so it’s no surprise that she has accumulated a $15million net worth by 2022. With her role on the reality TV show and work as a publicist, her income has only gotten larger over time.

She is also a business woman, and gets a lot of her salary as the founder of successful PR firm, The Patton Group. Mary still isn’t the richest Miami-based housewife though, as Lisa Hochstein tops the chart at $50million!



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