Without a doubt, North West has become a very popular member of the fourth generation of the Kardashian-Jenners. With 12 million followers on TikTok, the young star North West has seen some controversial moments on the app.

Over the past year, North West has become a huge star in her own right on TikTok. Although she shares an account with her famous mother Kim Kardashian, Northie has taken the spotlight.

As the eldest daughter of the reality star and beauty mogul Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West, social media has become a big fan of North.

Whether it is showing her skincare routine, a clothing haul, or simply having fun with her family and friends, the internet loves her sped-up videos.

It’s safe to say all of her TikTok videos have gone viral, one way or another.

North West’s controversial TikToks – A favorite movie to cruel prank

North turns little sister Chicago into her twin


Turning my sister to me

♬ original sound – evie

Ending the year with an iconic video, North decided to turn her younger sister Chicago into her.

At the beginning of the clip, Chicago is wearing a Batman dress. Seconds later, she disappears and comes back dressed in one of her eldest sister’s outfits.

With a classic graphic oversized tee and black sunglasses, Chicago turned into her sister in a matter of seconds – and she looked adorable!

“Turning my sister to me”, North captioned. The video accumulated more than 4.2 million views and 754.1k likes.

North’s cruel prank on mom Kim Kardashian


The fake eyebrows filter that’s so funny ha ha

♬ original sound – Kim and North

Days before Christmas, North gave his mother Kim a big scare while she slept.

“The fake eyebrows filter that’s so funny,” she captioned the video, which garnered 21.6 views.

In the 23-second clip, North holds a pink eyebrow razor as she makes her way into Kim’s gigantic bedroom. The nine-year-old then pretends to shave off her mother’s eyebrows, as she whispers her name to get her reaction.

“Mom, wake up. Wake up,” she said. The 42-year-old then opens her eyes, and she sees her eyebrows being thinned out with the filter.

As the SKIMS founder realizes North’s wrongdoing, she immediately scolds her and exclaims: “North, this is not funny!”

But after all, it was another prank.

‘Conjuring 3’ is her favorite movie

In the list of most shocking TikTok moments, it comes North’s confession of naming the R-rated horror film The Conjuring 3 as her “favorite movie”.

The video started by showing a day in her life and even getting her hair done. The day goes on to watching a movie – but it wasn’t the regular romantic or comedy-drama film.

Kardashian fans and critics were quick to share their opinions, as they were not thrilled nor believed it. Her mother, Kim, received tons of backlash for allowing her daughter to watch a such hardcore film at her age.

The video got deleted from the account.

Wearing Michael Jackson’s original clothes

If there’s one thing the Kardashian family is serious about, it’s celebrating the holidays in style – and Halloween is no exception.

As a big fan of Michael Jackson, Kim went the extra mile by purchasing the singer’s authentic hat and jacket he wore in his ‘Smooth Criminal’ music video.

In the video, North is from head to toe in Michael Jackson’s clothes, as she dances happily with both of her friends.

It was reported the reality star spent $60,000 on both items for her birthday and Christmas. Despite her excitement, the internet dragged the reality star for “mocking” and “ruining” them.

Going live for the first time

North might’ve been given the approval to open her own TikTok account – with her mother’s supervision – but the young child didn’t have a good start on her channel. At least for Kim.

In December 2021, North live-streamed inside their Hidden Hills mansion without permission. She went on to show their Christmas decorations, the family paintings, as well as the inside of her all-pink room.

It was then that she ran off to her mother, Kim, who was laying on the bed on her phone.

“Mom, I’m live,” North said to which Kim snapped and scolded her, “No stop, you’re not allowed to.”


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