Paris Phillips' stunning weight loss proves the difference of 12 months hard work
Screenshot: Paris Phillips, Love and Hip Hop: Family Reunion VH1, Love and Hip Hop Twitter clip

Paris Phillips' stunning weight loss proves the difference of 12 months hard work

Paris Phillips has returned to our screens for the new season of Love and Hip Hop – with a whole new vibe. Many cannot believe just how different she looks following a weight loss transformation.

VH1 reality show Family Reunion: Love and Hip Hop Edition saw all the drama, including Paris warning Erica Mena when she began talking loudly about how Safaree treated her – a day before their wedding anniversary.

However, aside from all of the shouting, there was one thing that distracted viewers: Paris’s sudden weight loss. We took a look at old pictures of her compared to new…

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Super Trailer

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Super Trailer

Paris Phillips before weight loss

Paris appeared to look significantly different back in 2020. But two years on, she has rapidly changed up her look and now sports a much more prominent jawline. Either way, she’s always been a fashion icon.

Then when the beginning of 2021 hit, many started noticing that she looks a lot smaller in the face and body. So it looks like it only took her just months to begins seeing weight loss results.

The LAHH star hasn’t really been that open about losing weight, and never shared how she managed to do so. However, her weight loss transformation definitely hasn’t gone unnoticed by her fans.

Her dramatic transformation

Paris’ journey to lose weight seems to have taken place over the last year, with 2022 bringing with it the most noticeable change in the New York-based reality star.

She used to cover up with clothing a lot more, but is now confident enough to get her legs on show. Many have noticed that she is glowing more than ever. Her most noticeable difference was first recognised in April 2021.

Ever since, Paris seems to have continued shedding the pounds, and since the new season of Love and Hip Hop: Family Reunion hit screens, her transformation is more prominent than ever before.

LAHH fans respond to new look

Paris’ Instagram comments are inundated with comments about her weight loss. Many fans are encouraging her to continue her journey and are sending her messages of motivation.

Others have seen her as a true icon and often look to her social media page as a form of inspo.

A fan wrote: “I need to know the diet so I can follow.”

Another urged Paris that she doesn’t need to lose any more weight, and that she is perfect how she is. They told the VH1 star: “Don’t lose no more weight you look amazing baby!!!”

Where have I been….I didn’t even know who Paris was 😮. Looking good“, a fan told her.



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