Discovery+ series Street Outlaws proves it’s no secret there are a lot of dangers when it comes to street racing. Unfortunately, some of the co-stars and their deaths are still just as tragic for Street Outlaws fans. Reality Titbit remembers beloved racers who have sadly passed over the years after appearing on the hit show.

Airing its first episode on June 10, 2013, Oklahoma City’s street racers show off their talents by competing against one other to win the title of the best racer.

Sweat, tears, drama, but most importantly, a brotherhood bond. Naturally, riders of Street Outlaws have been affected by their absences on the roads.

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Gypsy Mike

Michael Connors, known as Gypsy Mike, raced for more than 25 years. Hence why he was one of the most beloved and respected from Street Outlaws.

Mike rose to popularity when he was younger due to his riding skills. His career kicked off in 2013 thanks to Street Outlaws.

According to The Sun, Gypsy Mike passed away on December 18, 2020. The cause of his death is still unclear. However, sources claimed he had suffered a heart attack. Official details over his passing have not yet been released.

His death highly impacted the viewers from home and the cast members of Street Outlaws.

Wayne Smozanek

Wayne Smozanek passed away in February after battling Covid at the age of 60. Remembered for his nickname: “monster truck driver”, Wayne has left a legacy.

Wayne had more than 25 years of experience in the field and worked on domestic and international vehicles. According to Monster Truck fandom, he created and drove the original Topical Thunder.

In January, his wife Wendy wrote that Wayne had been “in the ICU for 6 weeks”. Sadly, the racer passed away on February 12, 2022. Wendy announced the news via a Facebook post.

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Screenshot from Wayne VS Farmtruck For $1,000 | Street Outlaws | Discovery+ UK YouTube channel

Flip/Tyler Priddy

Memorable racer Tyler Priddy, known as ‘Flip’, passed away at the age of 31 in 2013. Distractify reported Tyler was described as “the absolute definition of motorhead and an integral part of the show’s cast.”

Ever since he was young, he had an interest in racing and developed a deep love for cars. He shot fame after his former company, Warren Caterpillar, sponsored his drag racing career with his iconic 1980 Chevrolet El Camino.

On May 28, 2013, Tyler died in his home in Yukon, California. Although not a lot of information was released as to what caused his death, reports suggest it wasn’t race-related.

Almost a decade later, it’s still not clear what happened to Flip, however, the star is still missed.

It was reported fellow drag racers gathered for massive burnouts in Flip’s honour.

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Christopher Ellis

Street Outlaws’ mechanic Christopher Scott Ellis, alias ‘Kentucky’, died at the age of 39. TMZ reported his cause of his death was an apparent heroin overdose.

Furthermore, Christopher sadly died at home and was believed to have been found two days later.

“Chris’ roommate told cops he last saw him 2 days before he was found dead, and he attempted to check on him several times but his door was closed and locked. The roommate says he contacted 2 mutual friends to come over and get the locked door open, and that’s when they discovered he was deceased.”

His last appearance in the series was in 2018.

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