If you’re a foodie fan tuning into this season of MasterChef: Legends, you might recognise contestant Brittany Carel from another show… Worst Cooks in America!

MasterChef season 11, which is being stylised as MasterChef: Legends, kicked off on Wednesday, June 2nd on Fox.

This season sees regular judges Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich joined in the kitchen by a series a “Legends.” First up was Emeril Lagasse, then Curtis Stone in episode 2 (June 9th). More influential culinary figures will be entering the MasterChef kitchen to dish out white aprons to the best competitors.

One of the contestants looking for a white apron in MasterChef: Legends episode 2 was Brittany “Brit” Carel. But is that the same Brit who also appeared on Worst Cooks in America? Let’s take a look.

Was Brittany Carel also on Worst Cooks in America?

Yes. Brittany “Brit” Carel also competed on Worst Cooks in America, back in season 15.

The season aired in 2019 and saw a 23-year-old Brit team up with chef Tyler Florence. Tyler helped Brit turn from Worst Cook to runner-up in the competition. Brit placed second, with stay-at-home mom Allison Wolfe placing first.

It’s clear that the culinary lessons Tyler Florence gave Brit paid off, as she secured a spot on MasterChef: Legends!

More about Brit Carel’s food journey – from modelling jobs to MasterChef

Now 25, Brit, who hails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is stepping up her culinary game.

She is still working as a model and is signed to Wilhelmina Models, but Brit has embarked upon a food journey since appearing on Worst Cooks in America.

In November 2019, Brit founded Food Crush, a culinary-focused full-service media production company. You can check out some of Brit’s delicious recipes on the Food Crush website.

And Brit’s food journey hasn’t stopped at Food Crush, as she entered MasterChef: Legends this year. But how far will Brit go in the competition?

MasterChef viewers react to Brit Carel’s appearance

If you’re a fan of cooking competitions, then it’s likely that you’ve tuned in to both Worst Cooks in America and MasterChef at some point.

Viewers of MasterChef: Legends episode 2 (Wednesday, June 9th) instantly recognised Brit from Worst Cooks in America and could not believe her culinary transformation.

One viewer tweeted in disbelief: “Did I really just see Brittany Carel from Worst Cooks in America try to win an apron on Masterchef?”



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