Food Network’s BBQ Brawl pits two teams of chefs against one another, headed up by team captains Michael Symon and Bobby Flay.

Michael and Bobby will each coach a team of barbecue chefs who will compete each week and face elimination until there is one chef remaining, who will be given the title “Master of Cue.”

The second season of BBQ Brawl premieres on the Food Network at 9pm on Monday June 14th.

Team captain Michael Symon has stated that to succeed in BBQ Brawl, “you need to be steeped in BBQ and you have to have a little difference in cooking style.”

Where is Food Network’s BBQ Brawl filmed?

Food Network’s BBQ Brawl is filmed just outside of Austin Texas, in a place called Star Hill Ranch.

One of the judges, Amy Mills, explained that the set is modelled after a “typical, old- time Texas Hill Country community.”

She said: “The crew built an intricate, rustic set with grilling stations, a judging counter, and a pantry.”

“It really does drive tourism, people travel to visit restaurants of people featured on these shows.”

BBQ Brawl season 2 is out now

Food Network chefs Bobby Flay and Michael Symon are back again for another season of BBQ Brawl beginning on June 14th.

However, season 2 brings with it the addition of a new team captain, Eddie Jackson. Speaking about his role on the show, Eddie said:

“For me personally, me, Bobby and Michael have a great friendship, a great love for barbecue and cooking open fire. I’m a huge competitor, that’s another reason why I was great for the show, [Flay and Symon] compete all the time and have friendly banter.”

Returning team captain, chef Michael Symon, spoke about the importance of BBQ Brawl: “Barbecue is a technique, and shows like this bring more awareness to it and make people understand what goes into it.”

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