Who won Easter Basket Challenge 2021? Meet the pastry chef on Instagram!

Easter Basket Challenge came to a close last night (March 29th), which saw three finalists bake for a prize. So, who won the 2021 competition?

The Food Network series finale whittled it down from seven bakers to three, which included Ora Beth Mika, Elaine Duran and Gene Shepherd.

Tasked with making a three-foot panoramic Easter egg, the baker’s goal was to take home the golden egg filled with $25,000.

Let’s get down to eggcellent point, and meet the Easter Basket Challenge 2021 winner. We found them on Instagram…

Screenshot: Easter Basket Challenge, Food Network Twitter

Who won Easter Basket Challenge 2021?

  • Ora Beth Mika

Following weeks o challenges since March 1st, there were only three contestants left to compete – and the final task was very ambitious.

Ora’s name was announced, having impressed the judges with her creation the most, and took home the grand cash prize.

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It was a close competition, and Ora created a giant blue Easter egg with floating hot air balloons – filled with chicks – inside!

Who is Ora Beth Mika?

Ora is the pastry chef and founder of Flour & Bloom Cakes.

She makes custom wedding and special occasion cakes alongside cake artist Curt Yameda, who co-owns the business.

The experienced baker from San Anselmo, California, has been working in the food industry since 2010.

Before becoming a chef, Ora was a technician and researcher at Tissue Banks International.

She also has a 2007 biology major from Dickinson College.

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Meet Ora Beth Mika on Instagram

Ora’s public presence on Instagram is usually seen on her business page.

The baker said she loved making an edible garden party hat during the competition, and shared several of her creations with followers.

Ora and her cake partner Curt occasionally appear on the Flour And Bloom Cakes Instagram page, as they make cakes and desserts for any occasion.

Having created cakes together for six years, some of their pieces have included five-tier towers and strawberry mini cake bites!


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