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Will there be pumpkin carving on Halloween Wars 2021?

The annual Food Network show, Halloween Wars, is back with its 11th season, which premiered on September 19th 2021.

The spooky-themed challenge series has bakers creating the best Halloween-themed cakes and treats to win.

However, fans are not happy with this season of Halloween Wars due to the number of changes to the format of the show, the first being that this seasons premiere date is in September, unlike the show’s usual start date in October during the Halloween season.

So, what else has changed and will pumpkin carving still be taking place?

Has Halloween Wars axed pumpkin carving?

To the disappointment of fans, pumpkin carving will not be a part of the show for the 11th season.

The challenges usually consisting of a cake decorator, candy maker and pumpkin carver will not be the same this year. The expert pumpkin carver would create an impressive work of art to be added to the cake at the end.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

Fans have not been happy with this change, the pumpkin carving making it one of the only differences to any other Halloween baking show.

Although Food Network has not revealed why there will be no pumpkin carving, the prize money for the show has decreased from $50,000 to $25,000, perhaps it is budget cuts that have caused the show to make such drastic changes.

What are the other changes to Halloween Wars 2021?

Joined by returning judge, Shinmin Li, is Eddie Jackson, former NFL player and chef, as well as Aarti Sequeira, an Indian American cook.

As there are usually two judges joined by a guest judge each week, it seems as though this also might be a change this season as with three weekly judges, there may be no guests to the show at all.

There is also a brand new host, Zak Bagans, a paranormal investigator and actor who will be joining the 2021 season.

Fan reactions to Halloween Wars 2021

Many viewers of the show have taken to Twitter to relieve their confusion and anger on the show’s changes.

As fans are very unhappy with many of the changes, they are particularly disappointed that there is no pumpkin carving as the show is based on the theme of Halloween.

Although not everyone seems to be happy with the changes, including seeing new host Zak Bagans on their screens each week, there are still many fans happy with this aspect of the changes, especially as Zak’s profession as a paranormal investigator, ties in well to the show’s theme.

Despite many fans being upset about the multiple changes, who knows what is in store for the remainder of the series or if Food Network will decide to bring pumpkin carving back for next season!



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