Danny Dyer hosts a new Netflix show, Cheat, whereby he tells contestants that if they win they “will leave here dripping in dosh,” but how much dosh does Dyer have himself? Let’s discover Danny Dyer’s net worth.

That’s right, Netflix has made its first British game show, Cheat, and none other than former EastEnders star, Danny Dyer is hosting the show. You usually have to stick to the rules on a gameshow, but Cheat encourages the absolute opposite.

Dyer has an extensive career and he is now adding another credit to his long resume; let’s take a look at how much money he has racked up over the years.

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What is Danny Dyer’s net worth?

Danny Dyer has accumulated an impressive net worth after his time on the BBC hit soap EastEnders, it is thought that his net worth is around £5m. The site has predicted his net worth to have shot up by a million pounds in the past year.

According to reports, In 2017, the BBC listed Danny’s salary as between £200,000 – £249,999. This would make him the EastEnder’s highest-paid earner in its history.

Danny Dyer’s career explored

Dyer quit EastEnders after nine years of playing Mick Carter, but his acting career didn’t stop there. Not only has he been featured on The Football Factory and The Business but he has even ventured into game shows.

Aside from Cheat, Danny has also hosted gameshow The Wall since 2019. He has also made appearances on shows such as The Wheel and Who Do You Think You Are. The actor will also be making his TV comedy debut in a new Sky series, Mr. Bigstuff.

What is Netflix’s new game show, Cheat?

The first four Cheat episodes drop on Netflix today, March 1. Then another four drop next week, March 8th, and the final four on Wednesday, March 15th.

Dyer co-hosts the program alongside comedian Ellie Taylor. The dynamic duo is self-described as “the best since the conception of Jedward.”

Contestants answer a series of questions but can cheat by pressing a secret button that brings up an answer on their screen. Much like the popular card game, the winning contestant is the one who correctly guesses who is cheating most often. The 12-part show also sees the winning contestant win £50,000.

Each episode of Cheat is named after one of his most popular Cockney slang phrases. Some of the names include Scumbags, The Lot of ‘Em, Starting to Get a Bit Naughty Now, A Bunch of Absolute Wrong ‘uns, and He’s Got the Right Hump.

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