Back in summer 2020, in the midst of various COVID-19 lockdowns, TV was one of the few things that got us all through it.

Whether it was Normal People, Tiger King or The Last Dance, everyone needed something to keep themselves busy.

One gem from that time period you may have missed though was Floor Is Lava. Floor is Lava is a high adrenaline game show based on the popular kids game with the same title – and season 2 is out today.

Read on to find out everything we know about Floor is Lava Season 2, including where to watch it, the challenges you can expect and what we know about this season’s cast.

What we know about the Floor Is Lava’s Season 2 cast

Just like in series 1, the cast is made up of members of the public who were selected through open casting.

In fact, members of the Floor is Lava cast are not trained in any way and can join at any level of physical fitness.

After Series 1, some fans reckoned that they could make pretty good cast members themselves.

The casting call for the new series, which ended in June 2021, called for teams of three made up of contestants aged 18-55, of all genders.

It would appear that the new cast is brand new, apart from one group. Fans from series 1 will remember the Virizi triplets, who attempt the course once again in episode 1 of Floor Is Lava Season 2.

We’ve also got a trio of dads, a group of comedians and even some ‘Netflix reality stars’ taking part this year!

Rutledge Wood will once again be hosting the show.

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What challenges you can expect

So what does Season 2 hold in store for the contestants?

Right from episode 1, the show seems as high octane as ever. The first episode contains a new course, and there appears to be twists and turns at every junction.

The contestants will also have to compete with a brand new game room “flooded with a zillion gallons of lava” as well as a “haunted attic” and a kids room.

We’re very excited to see what those entail!

And of course, the contestants will once again be fighting for the very unique prize:

$10,000 and a lava lamp.

Where to watch Floor is Lava Season 2

If Floor is Lava sounds like your kind of thing, it’s pretty easy to find.

As of today, (Friday, 3rd June), Floor is Lava is now available to stream on Netflix UK and US.

There are five episodes in total, each coming in at around 30 mins running time.

Will you be tuning in to Floor is Lava Season 2? Let us know in the comments!


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