ABC’s Celebrity Jeopardy aired its second episode on Sunday (October 2, 2022) featuring three stars competing to win big for their respective charities – comedians Iliza Shlesinger and Reggie Watts, and sitcom creator Eddie Huang. 

However, some Jeopardy fans found the latest episode frustrating, claiming the players added “too much” comedy! Those critics said they didn’t appreciate the contestants’ one-liners and remarks – and it seems as though Shlesinger bore the brunt of viewer complaints. 

Prince Andrew: Banished | Official Trailer | Peacock Original

Prince Andrew: Banished | Official Trailer | Peacock Original
Iliza Shlesinger Celebrates Her New Book "All Things Aside"
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Some Jeopardy viewers dub Iliza Shlesinger ‘annoying’

Iliza was introduced as an actor from the movie Good On Paper and a comedian. She was playing for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. However, some viewers became increasingly annoyed by how Shlesinger was playing. 

Irate viewers criticised Celebrity Jeopardy season 1 episode 2 for its “annoying” celebrities who “faked excitement” on the show. Iliza appeared to cop most flak for “speaking too much” during the game.

It seemed Watts, playing for Musicares, and Huang, creator of Fresh Off The Boat and playing for the Innocence Project, didn’t get under fans’ skin as much. Or they kept it to themselves!

Some Jeopardy fans didn’t take to Iliza Shlesinger’s excitement levels

Poor Iliza Shlesinger seemed to be getting the brunt of complaints on Twitter. One person called the actress “annoying” and claimed they “had to turn off” the show. They added:

I was really looking forward to watching this, especially Triple Jeopardy, but I couldn’t put up with a whole hour of her [Iliza Shlesinger’s] antics.

Another wanted Shlesinger to “calm down.”

However, some viewers seemed to find all the celebrities annoying, wanting the trio to “just answer” the question without “all the ad-libs.”

Reality Titbit has reached out to Iliza Shlesinger for comment.

Who won Celebrity Jeopardy season 2 episode 1?

Whatever fans thought of Iliza Shlesinger’s performance, you can’t argue with her game show prowess. As Sportskeeda reports, the winner of Celebrity Jeopardy season 1 episode 2 was none other than Iliza Shlesinger.

Iliza played the game extremely well. In the first round, she received $2,500 and, during the Double Jeopardy round, she won $6,600. In the Triple Jeopardy round she banked more than $13,000, ending Final Jeopardy with $14,401. All for her charity of choice.

Whether fans like it or not, Shlesinger will now join episode 1 winner Simu Liu in the semi-finals of Celebrity Jeopardy.


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