The Price Is Right is TV’s longest-running game show and from 1972 to 2007, Bob Barker was the show’s host. Now, the CBS show features a different host and models.

Drew Carey is The Price Is Right host in 2023 and he’s stepped into Bob’s shoes since he left in 2007.

Audience members of The Price Is Right win all kinds of prizes and cash sums. Let’s learn more about the models who are seen on the CBS show.

Drew Carey and Manuela Arbelaez on The Price is Right
Photo by Sara Mally/CBS via Getty Images

Meet The Price Is Right models

The 2023 Price Is Right models joining Drew Carey on stage are Amber Lancaster, Manuela Arbeláez, Alexis Gaube, and Rachel Reynolds.

Rachel joined The Price Is Right in 2003, Amber in 2008, and Manuela joined in 2009. Alexis made her TPIR debut in 2021.

Rachel hails from LA, while Amber and Manuela now reside in the City of Angels.

Find the models on Instagram via the following handles:

Amber is 42 years old, while Rachel is 40, Manuela is 34 and Alexis is 33.

Is a Price Is Right model pregnant?

Yes, one of the show’s models was pregnant in 2022.

Manuela Arbeláez welcomed her second child in October 2022.

The Price Is Right model has two daughters, Madeline and Matilda, with her husband, Matthew Doherty.

Manuela was born in Medellin, Colombia, and is 34 years old. She and Matthew got married in 2018.

The show also features male models

As well as the ladies who appear on The Price Is Right, the CBS show also features male models.

James O’Halloran became a model on the show in 2014 and Devin Goda joined the show in 2018.

Devin is a former NFL player and a Wilhelmina model who can be found on Instagram at @dgoda85.

With 48k followers, Australian model James can be found at @jimmyjamesoh.



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