Bargain Block's Keith Bynum launched his first business at the young age of 14


Bargain Block's Keith Bynum launched his first business at the young age of 14

Bargain Block hosts Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum have been renovating homes in Detroit and totally reimagining whole streets of houses on their HGTV show. Evan is the construction guru while Evan is in charge of design. The dynamic duo take abandoned home and fix them up for first-time buyers. But, let’s find out more about Keith Bynum’s first business – where did he start out?

Millions of fans tune in to watch Keith and Evan transform dilapidated properties into beautiful homes during season 1. Now, as of June 8th, Bargain Block is back and they’re ready to restore more Detroit homes. Real estate expert Shea Hicks-Whitfield is also still on board and the trio are back doing what they do best in 2022.

Get to know Keith Bynum

Keith Bynum has been a host on Bargain Block alongside Shea and Evan since the show first began in 2021.

He hails from West Texas, per the Nine Homes website.

Keith writes in his Instagram bio that he’s a “Builder, designer, artist” who is also an “Affordable housing advocate”.

He has almost 60K followers on Instagram @.keithbynum_.

Did Keith Bynum have a woodworking company?

Bargain Block viewers recognise Keith for his appearance on the show, but he has a varied work history to explore.

A 2021 TV Overmind report states that Keith had a woodworking company before he became an HGTV star.

TV Overmind writes: “His first foray into the business was the woodworking business he started and ran on Craigslist making farmhouse tables for buyers.”

Keith Bynum’s first business

Bargain Block’s Keith writes on LinkedIn that he’s President of renovation and lifestyle company Omnia, INC.

He’s held the role since 2017 per his profile. However, Keith was in business long prior to this.

Keith attended Texas Tech University and earned a Bachelor’s and a Masters degree in business and entrepreneurship.

On Nine Design and Homes, Keith writes that “he started his first company at the age of 14 that went on to become a nationally recognized retail and manufacturing chain.” 

The name of the company that Keith started hasn’t been revealed. But, he went on to sell it after it being a success.



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