Bowman Cooper is well-known for her debut on HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous, where Dave and Jenny Marrs helped to achieve the dream pink home she was craving (not jealous at all).

The married couple have been transforming basic homes into beautiful places to live for years, and ever since they brought their work to the big screen, hopeful clients in the USA have turned to them for help.

One of them is Bowman, who decided to purchase a historic home and wanted to turn it into more than just that. So she gave the Marrs a call and guess what? They, of course, made the property an absolute dream.

Fast forward to 2022 and the homeowner seems to have switched up her location. Let’s have a viewing.

Pretty in pink! 💕PS we are still not over that hidden staircase. 🤯#FixerToFab

Posted by HGTV on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Who is Bowman Cooper?

Bowman is the daughter of Scotty and Cynthia Cooper. She lived in Bentonville, Arkansas, during her HGTV debut, having moved back to the hometown after residing in the hustle and bustle of New York.

She decided that she wanted to live a few blocks away from her parents, and found an 1880s historic property. Bowman turned to the Marrs for help in conserving the property’s traditional feel.

Originally having attempted to fix up the place and found the job was too much to handle, it was likely one of the best decisions Bowman made by appearing on the Fixer to Fabulous episode!

Fixer to Fabulous: The Pink House

Bowman’s pink house went from bland and old, to a pink sensation. As Jenny and Dave Marrs had already made improvements to her parent’s home, she knew she could trust them to help her out.

From using a dark green shade in the kitchen as a complement to sticking with the pink walls theme throughout the home, it didn’t stop there – they even created a wine cellar for the HGTV star!

The secret cellar is situated inside the kitchen island, too, so nobody would even know where she kept the wine… With a remodelled study so that she can teach from the comfort of her home, Bowman really did get it all.

Surrounded by built-in shelves, bigger windows, and antiqued French doors in her office, the iconic Fixer to Fabulous episode really did work in her favour!

Bowman is now working in New York

We had a look to see what Bowman is up to these days, and it turns out she began working as an eighth grade team lead in a New York school in August 2021. She has been a teacher at the establishment since 2019.

However, this isn’t to say that she no longer lives at her Bentonville home, but it just means she doesn’t spend as much time in the historic property as fans may have hoped.

During her time on the show, she wanted an office so that she could often teach from her hometown. So it’s likely that she can often do this, while making regular trips to New York to see her pupils in person.

Her Facebook profile reveals that she is currently living in the big city, rather than Bentonville. Sadly, there are also no pictures of her pink-themed home, but it looks like she’s keeping a low profile due to her work.



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