Fixer to Fabulous: What is Dave Marrs’ net worth? HGTV star’s fortunes explored

Fixer to Fabulous: What is Dave Marrs' net worth? HGTV star's fortunes explored

Dave and Jenny Marrs, the popular husband-wife duo rose to fame thanks to HGTV’s new show Fixer to Fabulous.

From being small-time property builders and philanthropists to foraying into the world of reality television, the couple has come a very long way.

Many fans fell in love with Dave and Jenny on Fixer to Fabulous instantly. Viewers were impressed that the couple was also helping at-risk teenagers in Zimbabwe aside from running a successful business.

Thanks to their lucrative property business and their HGTV gig, Dave and his wife Jenny must have to build a great amount of wealth over the years. Here’s HGTV star Dave’s net worth explored.

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What is HGTV star Dave Marrs’ net worth?

According to TVGuideTime, Dave is worth around $2 million dollars. However, various other websites and portals report that Dave and Jenny’s combined net worth would range somewhere between $2 million to $5 million.

Dave and Jenny both started their careers working for the same construction firm. Their humble beginnings explain why the couple has remained so grounded and socially aware even with success and wealth.

After working at the firm for some time, Dave moved to Bentonville in Arkansas to start his own construction business. Jenny followed him and the duo ended up creating a lucrative business as Bentonville’s real estate and construction market was booming.

According to HGTV, together the couple has completed around 300 custom new homes in the area. They now run their own company Marrs Developing, which specialises in the restoration of historic homes in Northwest Arkansas.

Currently, the Marrs family lives in a restored 1906 home that has a small farm. Their HGTV gig with Fixer to Fabulous will surely increase their wealth by leaps and bounds.

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How many kids do Dave and Jenny Marrs have?

Dave and Jenny have five kids and countless animals whom they are raising in the historic house and their small farm.

HGTV fans might already know that the Fixer to Fabulous family is very passionate about orphan care, family preservation and even adoption.

In 2014, the couple adopted their daughter Sylvie from the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition to this, the Marrs family also runs a blueberry farm in Arkansas to help provide educational opportunities for at-risk teenage boys in Marondera, Zimbabwe.

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