Buy Erin Napier's overalls here - Home Town Takeover host's clothing explored!

Buy Erin Napier's overalls here - Home Town Takeover host's clothing explored!

Erin Napier’s overalls are a popular hit amongst fans of HGTV’s Home Town Takeover, who are wondering where the co-host gets hers from.

Both Erin and her husband Ben travelled to Wetumpka, to make over and completely turn around homes across the small town.

During the design and renovation process, Erin is often seen wearing overalls, which have managed to catch viewer’s eyes.

So, where can fans buy Erin Napier’s overalls for themselves? We’ve got the lowdown on how to get your hands on a pair that are exactly the same.

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Fans react to Erin Napier’s overalls

Erin’s overalls have left a lasting mark on viewers, who are wanting to find out where she buys them from.

She shared a picture of her in the overalls doing a painting job, which led to several viewers asking her where they can buy them.

The Home Town Takeover co-host has just had a baby, so it’s likely that she has been too busy with her newborn to reply to the comments.

One fan wrote: “Yes, where did you purchase your bibs? Love them.”

Another said: “Please link those overalls. Or all Erin overalls, please!”

Where to buy Erin Napier’s overalls

Fans hoping to buy Erin’s loose overalls, which come with two front pockets, can head to Amazon to buy them, where they cost $20.99.

One source claims they are the “exact same pair”, however it is possible that they are a very similar design to those worn by Erin.

The HGTV host revealed on Instagram that she’s donated a lot of her outfits from previous seasons of Home Town to The Remnant.

The Remnant is described by Erin as a “a co-op shop with a purpose” in Laurel, Mississippi, where women in need can buy her worn clothes.

The thrift store donates to Dwell, a transitional housing community for women in Laurel who are coming out of rehab, abuse or homelessness.

At the moment, it doesn’t look like the thrift store is selling any clothes online, but if you’re near Laurel for a visit, Erin’s pieces could still be there!

Erin Napier’s overalls: Similar types

Those wanting a pair of overalls like Erin’s are in luck, as there is a wide range of them available online.

Bohme are selling Macy overalls in a very similar olive colour to those worn by the HGTV host, for $48.50.

Amazon also sell Chesil overalls for $21.96, which have front pockets instead of the side pockets seen on Erin’s pair.

Mod and Me have their own version of ‘Women’s Cotton Length Overalls’ on offer, for a price of $33.88.

And if you want a pair with an adjustable neck strap, head to Moda Sharp, where they sell a range of colours for $23.97.



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