Everything But The House on HGTV sees families clear clutter out of their homes. So, how much commission does selling each item make?

Most of us forget about random treasured items that lay dormant in cupboards or wardrobes in our homes for years.

That’s where this series comes in, as Lara Spencer helps clients turn their unused items into wads of cash, after sending them to auction.

Here’s the commission earned on each item, plus the fees for all the items being sold on Everything But The House

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Everything But the House: Commission

  • For every item high bid of $1-$150, you receive 70% of the money

Each item’s commission varies, depending on the item’s final bid amount.

For example, if your item sells for $800, you receive 70 percent of the overall final sales price.

According to the Everything But The House website, this is how much you receive in commission depending on the item high bid (left):

  • $1-$150 = 50%
  • $151-$500 = 60%
  • $501-$1,000 = 70%
  • $1,001+ = 80%
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Fees for Everything But The House

The online auction site reportedly charges a $30 warehouse pick-up fee.

Any item listed on the website starts at $1, which can increase, depending on how much each possible buyer bids on a listing.

For anything that is heavier in size, increased shipping costs are added to the overall delivery price.

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Access the Everything But The House auction

Anyone can head to the Everything But The House online auction website.

From jewelry, tables, ornaments, and garden accessories, there’s an entire range of items available to place bids on.

If any viewers spot something they wish to buy on the HGTV series, you can visit the website to try and get your hands on it!



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