100 Day Dream Home has been on HGTV’s episode list for years, which explains why fears around whether the series could be cancelled are so high. We’ve got the truth about what’s really happening to the show.

Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt, the husband-and-wife duo we see every Monday night come together to share their skills, and turn boring homes into the most beautiful properties in the Tampa Bay area, Florida.

Since 2019, the show has become a popular favorite on HGTV, as the pair help clients design and build the perfect house – from the ground up – in just three months. As season 3 gets underway, fans have some worries.

It comes as rumors circulate about 100 Day Dream Home potentially getting cancelled. We’ve got the latest scoop on its status and whether there is any basis to the speculation.

HGTV is on YouTube!

HGTV is on YouTube!

Fans fear the HGTV show’s future

When Brian revealed filming had wrapped for season 3, fans assumed he meant the end of the show altogether. This was heightened by a video that showed the words ‘The End’ – which left some thinking it was cancelled.

Rumors about whether the HGTV series has been stopped have been circulating for some time, especially when there has been a break in seasons. After the video was shared, a fan asked Brian: “Can you pls explain? Very cryptic message.”

While another simply questioned: “Is there more after season 3??

Will you continue building houses? I love your show. Might move to Tampa in the near future“, a fan wrote on Brian’s Instagram comments. So, it’s clear to see just how many viewers are worried about its possible end.

Is 100 Day Dream Home cancelled?

No, there is no confirmation about 100 Day Dream Home being cancelled. Brian himself revealed that they had finished filming “this season” [Season 3] of the show, but this didn’t mean the end of filming altogether.

Just a day ago, Brian proved they are still in business and looking for season 4 candidates by telling a fan to contact an email to figure out if a certain family are a “good fit” to star on the show.

So don’t worry, there is no end in sight to the renovation series, despite season 3 soon coming to an end in April. Although a fourth season has not yet been renewed, the success of the last three suggests another is on its way.

Another clue which confirmed Brian and Mika are sticking around was when one half of the duo replied to a follower on Instagram. When a fan asked if they will keep building houses, Brian responded with:

We are not going anywhere.

How to apply for the series

Fans who wish to have their homes transformed by Mika and Brian can contact their project coordinator at [email protected] When a family was put forward by a viewer, this is the email given to on Brian’s IG.

In the comments of Brian’s recent Instagram post, a follower wrote:

Our friends just bought a lot in Hillsborough county and looking to build. They’d be perfect for your show. They are fostering the most darling little girl and already have 2 boys and have outgrown their current home.

Brian responded by providing the email address, but there is also another way you could get yourself on the series. This is by emailing [email protected] with your full name, location, recent photos, and a house description.



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