Fixer to Fabulous: How did Chase lose his eye? His eye patch explained

‘Fixer and Fabulous’ has managed to bring out some memorable renovations. However, what happened to Chase Looney’s eye on the show?

Dave and Jenny Marrs have always made sure they give their clients everything they need. But even the great need a little bit of help. On the show, the pair are lucky to have the support of Chase, who is their carpenter. Chase has managed to stick to every deadline and has been their knight in shining armor. But how did Chase lose his eye?

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How did Chase lose his eye?

Chase got in an unfortunate accident just days after he filmed the pilot episode for the show. The incident took place on the fourth of July in 2017. Chase was helping set up some fireworks. His friends and he decided to light a large 3 mortars a storm was about to come, as reported by Distractify.

Chase decided to light the fourth firework while heading to remove the fifth one. “I believe the concussion from the fourth tube exploding tipped the fifth tube over after I had just lit it,” he said. “When the explosion went off, I remember everything stopped. There was a deafening boom, a burst of light, and in the chaos of that moment everything around me slowed down.”

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Why Chase wears an eye patch:

The incident had caused severe damage to Chase’s eye. “The following days in the hospital, I was given the news that I lost my eye. That it would have to be removed. That I might not have movement in the left side of my face and that the scarring would be permanent,” he recalled.

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Through all this, Dave and Jenny stood by his side. Even though Chase thought he did not have a face for television, the pair assured him everything was fine. “I now often joke about being a guy with one eye and encourage others to joke with me,” he said.

He continued, “Because as unnatural as it sounds, I am thankful for the beautiful lesson and message God sent me in this tragic accident. July 4, 2017 was the day God intervened and took my eye so that I could see.”

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