Flipping Across America locations explored: HGTV filmed across US virtually

HGTV’s newest series, Flipping Across America premiered on July 2nd.

This is another series that was released during quarantine to help us continue to practice social distancing by staying indoors to watch new episodes. For those who may not know, Flipping Across America is not about people flipping various objects upside down. This is about helping people flip their houses to be able to earn a nice profit.

“Flipping” is a real-estate investment strategy.  It means to buy a revenue-generating asset and resell it immediately for profit. Flipping Across America provides its viewers with facts and flipping strategies from the show’s experts. We can see how house flipping is done and the profit that is earned afterward.

Since this is a new series that just aired, many people are probably wondering where this show is specifically filmed and how the crew gets to the location during a global pandemic. Well, here is where you can find out!

Where is Flipping Across America Filmed?

Many reality television shows are known for being filmed in one location. However, Flipping Across America is filmed in different states across the U.S. Being filmed in different locations is one of the reasons why this new series is different from others. So far we know that the show features episodes filmed in California, Idaho, and Indiana.

The main reason why the show is filmed in different locations is because of the pandemic. In order to keep everyone on the show safe, the show is hosted virtually and shows cast members flipping homes in the states they are being quarantined in. There is no need for anyone to travel outside of the state they are currently in.

More about the cast and crew

The host of the show is Alison Victoria who is known for starring in the series Windy City Rehab. She is featured with teams of house flippers who are competing against each other to see who can gain the biggest sale. House flipping experts such as Lindsey and Eric Bennet (husband and wife) from the show Desert Flippers and Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell from Boise Boys are featured competing.


More episodes coming will show more locations and will allow viewers to meet different house flippers.




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