Season 3 of 100 Day Dream Home is finally here, and Brian and Mika certainly aren’t holding back in building their client’s dream homes.

The HGTV show is hosted by husband and wife, Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt, as they design AND build their client’s dream house from scratch in just 100 days or less. Now you may be thinking, 100 days – how is that even possible?

Since the show aired in 2020, viewers have began to wonder how real the show is, as 100 days does seem pretty unrealistic. Reality Titbit has explored if 100 Day Dream Home is fake or not, so keep reading to find out…

Breaking Bland Sneak Peek | HGTV

Breaking Bland Sneak Peek | HGTV

Is 100 Day Dream Home real?

In 2022, there is no strong or official evidence to suggest that the HGTV show is fake. In fact, right now, there is probably more evidence to support its validity.

In an interview with Distractify, Brian and Mika were questioned on the problems they face whilst filming. Brian told them:

“There are always ups and downs and in-betweens, and the great thing about our show is we try to capture everything in its real-time in real life to make it feel as real as possible”

Although they always manage to keep to the 100-day time limit, Mika explained that it’s not always possible to give their clients everything they want, as sometimes it’s quite literally impossible. Brian told Distractify:

“We did have some clients that were from out of state, and they did request a basement, and then we had to kind of remind them that if you dig in Florida, you’re getting water”

Viewers are concerned about the quality of the HGTV homes

Although having your dream home built in 100 days sounds all well and good, there have been questions about the quality of these houses brought to the surface.

If a house is being built that quickly, how can it possibly be strong enough and to the perfect standard where it will have no further problems down the line?

One viewer pointed out on Twitter that the houses built on the show will “fold under 5mph winds”. As 100 Day Dream Home is based in Tampa, Florida, where weather conditions such as tornadoes are more than common, the homes built need to be of a certain condition to survive these climates.

100 Day Dream Home theme song

Brian and Mika have decided to switch it up for season 3, in more ways than one. Firstly, they have promised viewers homes like nothing they’ve ever built before.

Not only this, but they will be using a different theme song for each of the 10 episodes of 100 Day Dream Home. They announced this in an Instagram post, where Brian told followers:

“We are so excited to announce a top secret project that we’ve been working on thats never been done before on HGTV”

Brian and Mika have decided to take the back seat for once, and have searched the country to find the most talented creators to build them their very own original theme song. After all the episodes premiere, fans of the show can head over to to vote for their favorite theme song.



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