Season six of Home Town is currently airing on HGTV, and last night’s episode was one to remember.

Home Town is one of many renovation series on HGTV, and viewers just can’t get enough. The show is hosted by married couple Ben and Erin, who use their combined building and design skills to fulfil their customer’s needs and transform their homes.

The show has been airing since 2016 and is currently coming to a close with its sixth season in 2022. During last night’s episode, viewers saw Ben and Erin help a pair of tea farmers who wanted to transform their farmhouse. Reality Titbit has explored Longleaf Tea, and how viewers reacted to the incredible transformation.

Home Town: Ben’s Holiday Workshop | Official Trailer | Discovery Plus

Home Town: Ben’s Holiday Workshop | Official Trailer | Discovery Plus

Who are Longleaf Tea?

Longleaf Tea Company is a farm that plants, plucks, and produces high-quality speciality tea in Mississippi.

They state on their company website that their tea is grown in soil enriched by centuries of longleaf pine needles, plucked by hand and processed to produce flavours that embrace the characteristics of the land. Longleaf Tea wants its customers to know that their tea is meticulously crafted on their farm just for their cup.

Alongside tea, they also sell merchandise that can be bought through their website. They sell t-shirts, decals, mugs, tea towels and hats ranging from $2.99-$39.99.

Longleaf Tea on Home Town

Longleaf Tea is owned by couple Hillary and Thomas Steinwinder. The pair decided to go on Home Town as they needed Ben and Erin’s help in turning their historic farmhouse into an event/party venue.

The land that they are currently on was originally the home to massive old-growth Longleaf pine. Their website also states that “the old farmhouse and red barn have been a gathering place for over one hundred years. Now they watch over thousands of tea plants growing in the south Mississippi sun”.

Viewers were extremely impressed with the results of the renovation and took to the company’s Facebook page to share their excitement with Hillary and Thomas. One viewer commented: “Best Wishes for Longleaf Tea Co! Just watched Home Town and the gorgeous renovation for your 6 generation family home! New memories to be made with much success”. Another said: “Love this place and the home is beautiful. I love it. This would also be a great place for weddings, just a thought for future growth”.

Keepin’ up with Longleaf Tea on Instagram

If you were a fan of Longleaf Tea on last night’s episode, you can keep up with their journey over on their Instagram (@longleaftea). Their account currently has 2.5k followers and 85 posts, and Hillary and Thomas keep followers up to date with their tea farm.

In November 2021, they shared with followers that they had completely sold out of their tea for the season, and buyers would have to wait until Spring to buy more of their favourite tea. As their tea is all down to mother nature, customers have to be patient and wait until the spring sun brings growth.



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