Is Erin from Home Town pregnant again in 2022 as new season launches?
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Is Erin from Home Town pregnant again in 2022 as new season launches?

Erin and Ben Napier are often seen renovating homes on HGTV’s Home Town. While their personal lives as parents is usually kept separate, viewers were confused when Erin appeared to have a baby bump on-screen.

As if the Holiday Special just wasn’t enough (it wasn’t), the decor-based series has launched a new season, much to the delight of fans who have been missing the show – and the work of married couple The Napiers.

From young families to adults who want to live closer to their grandchildren, a whole host of clients turn to them for help when it comes to renovating. But there was something distracting viewers on the recent episode.

Was that a baby bump spotted on Erin? Does that mean she’s pregnant again? Hold on – let’s explain.

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HGTV viewers react to Erin’s pregnancy

When one viewer wrote on Erin’s latest Instagram post, “Pregnant Erin is a beautiful Erin!“, another asked: “She preggo w bb #3?”. And they are not the only fans who thought the HGTV host could be expecting again.

Many congratulated how “amazing” she looked on the show, while sporting a baby bump.

One said: “Erin, I love seeing you in every episode…. I think you are amazing working so late into your pregnancy!

Another shared their support: “Never apologize for working while pregnant. Shows how strong we are.”

Is Erin from Home Town pregnant again?

No, Erin is not pregnant again, but it is true that she had a baby bump in the recently-aired episodes. The truth is that they technically filmed some Home Town Season 6 episodes during Season 5, while she was pregnant.

This means that her second child with Ben was on the way during the new episodes. She wrote on Instagram:

Also I am still very pregnant with Mae in these episodes so cut me some slack — she was due in 3-4 weeks for the next 2 reveals!

She also told a confused fan on Instagram:

It’s all new, though we technically filmed it during season 5 and they held the episodes back so we could get a maternity leave.

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How many children do Ben and Erin have?

Ben and Erin have two children, including daughter Mae and four-year-old girl Helen. They welcomed Mae into the world on May 28 2021, who Erin is pregnant with during the latest Home Town episodes.

She documented Mae’s initial growth after previously revealing that she was bottle-feeding her formula.

However, it looks like they try to keep their children well away from the public eye, as the only glimpse of their newborn shows her little legs kicking. Their daughter Helen is only photographed with her face looking away.



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