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Meet Brian Kleinschmidt the entrepreneur from 100 Day Dream Home

Brian Kleinschmidt is one of the latest cast members of HGTV’s 100 Day Dream Home, but many will know him for a number of reasons. Brian is an entrepreneur, home flipper, dad and reality star.

Brian captured the audience’s attention through the show by his wonderful relationship with his wife, Mika. Brian is the developer for the show, whilst his wife is the realtor and designer. The couple works together amazingly and makes a great team.

With a new season recently starting, fans want to know all about Brian including his age, job and relationship with his wife.

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Meet Brian Kleinschmidt

Brian is 39-years-old and was born on April 30th, 1982 in Florida. He attended Riverview High School and continued to attend university at the University of Central Florida.

In terms of his career, Brian headed down the entrepreneurial route and made his money through his own businesses from a young age.

Brian has opened his own chain of gyms and fitness spaces in Florida and across other locations called Anytime Fitness. Aside from this, he spent a short time in 2008 during the recession, flipping houses for some extra cash.

His entrepreneurial spirit was born from a young age as he recalled washing cars around his neighbourhood with his brother when he was only ten years old.

He is also the innovator of his own product called EZ-Pee-Z, which is an item made to help parents potty train their children.

100 Day Dream Home isn’t his first reality show

Brian is used to being on reality TV now and the fact that he keeps coming back to it is a good indicator that he clearly enjoys it.

He made his reality TV debut in 2009 when he appeared on Season 15 of Amazing Race. He joined the competition with his now ex-wife Ericka Dunlop and made it to third place.

Brian also appeared on Shark Tank in 2015. He wanted $50,000 for a 15% investment into his company EZ-Pee-Z. Though he didn’t get a deal, three years later he managed to launch the product. We checked, and most of the products are sold out!

Now he has made his return to reality TV and his return to house flipping on the HGTV show 100 Day Dream Home where the couple helps other families renovate their dream homes.

Brian’s relationship with Mika

Brian met Mika in high school where they ended up becoming high school sweethearts. The relationship ended like a lot of high school romances do and Brian went on to marry former Miss USA, Ericka Dunlop in 2007. The couple ended up divorcing four years later in 2011.

He then reunited with Mika and there were instant fireworks, the couple both met at Riverview high school in the girls’ chorus to be specific. When asked during an interview, Brian said,

My schedule got mixed up so I was in the girls’ chorus for the first couple of weeks of school. That’s where I first met Mika and I knew there was something special about her. My guidance counsellor kept telling me she was doing her best to get my schedule corrected so I didn’t have to be in the girls’ chorus anymore….I told her I was in no hurry!

Brian Kleinschmidt

They reconnected as they were both in the fitness field and Brian ended up bringing her over to his gym Anytime Fitness. He proposed in 2013 and they got married two years later and now share a beautiful daughter together called Jade.

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