Rumors have circulated about 100 Day Dream Home potentially getting canceled but we’ve got the latest scoop on its status and there is no basis to the speculation, season 4 filming is well underway. So, let’s find out when 100 Day Dream Home season 4 releases on HGTV.

In 2019 HGTV debuted its new show 100 Day Dream Home and it became an instant hit. The series stars husband-wife duo Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt who design and build custom, move-in-ready homes for clients in Tampa, Florida. The dynamic duo gets to work on the home straight away and completely finish it in a shocking 100 days or less.

The new season of 100 Day Dream Home is slated to premiere in spring 2023, but when is the exact release date?

Screenshot from HGTV’s YouTube video titled: ‘Best Reveals | 100 Day Dream Home | HGTV’

When is 100 Day Dream Home season 4 released?

According to host Mika, 100 Day Dream Home season 4 releases on May 5th, 2023.

Much to fans’ delight HGTV has ordered another 12 one-hour episodes of its hit series 100 Day Dream Home. The host responded to a fan comment on her most recent Instagram photo revealing the news.

A fan of the HGTV show asked: “When does the new season start?” Many were pleasantly surprised when Mika responded with an exact date: “5/5.”

100 Day Dream Home stars collaborate with HGTV stars

The show has over 14 million viewers and is one of the most popular on the channel and Kleinschmidt has been sharing updates throughout the filming process. She has even hinted that there could be a collaboration in the works between the 100 Day Dream Home duo and HGTV’s Bargain Block stars Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas.

Mika shared a photo of the HGTV stars together and wrote an adorable caption: “Any project involving the talented @keithbynum_ and @emuralit is bound to be glorious!” She then praised her “HGTV fam” and applauded Keith and Evan for being “outrageously talented and creative humans.”

How 100 Day Dream Home originated

As we move into the fourth season it’s nice to know where the series all began. In fact, 100 Day Dream Home originated from Mika and Brian watching shows on HGTV.

The duo told Tampa Bay Times that in their downtime they would watch many series on the channel. It was then that they thought of a great idea for a new television show. As the duo built homes as their job, they eventually realized they could be part of the program. They have now been doing just that for four seasons as they show themselves building homes from scratch in less than 100 days.



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