The Baeumlers are back and this time, Sarah and Bryan will be seen putting their skills on display in a different location. HGTV’s latest series Renovation Inc: The Lake House will see Bryan and his wife give a new meaning to old properties. 

Thanks to the success of Island of Bryan and Renovation Island, the viewers are offered another chance to watch Byran and Sarah work their magic. If you’re eager to catch up on the latest season, let us tell you all about the beautiful location it was filmed in.

Where was Renovation Inc: The Lake House filmed?

Unlike Renovation Island which was shot in the Bahamas, the team headed North for its latest series. Renovation Inc was filmed in Bryan’s native country, Canada. 

The show follows Bryan’s business operations, primarily based in the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

Besides Toronto, Renovation Inc. also showcases locations including the town of Oakville and the City of Burlington, according to Distractify.

Inside HGTV star’s business

The Baeumlers have gained a lot of popularity over the years. While we have seen them as successful entrepreneurs in the previous series, Renovation Inc. will offer an insight into their life and business before rising to fame.

Bryan’s businesses are based out of Oakville and Burlington. One of his companies, BQC, was established in 2008 after the reality star’s organization merged with Stuart Bailey’s cabinetry. 

While the previous seasons showed us how Bryan and Sarah revamp old properties with their passion for home DIY methods, Renovation Inc. will focus on their journey to fame and how it all began.

The latest season consists of 13 episodes.

The Circle S3 | Official Teaser | Netflix

The Circle S3 | Official Teaser | Netflix

What happened to Bryan?

While the first episode saw Bryan and Sarah indulge in intense discussions regarding the location of their lake house, the preview for the upcoming episode sees Bryan hurt his ankle.

Somebody on the set even announces that Bryan’s ankle had doubled up in size. Considering that Bryan and Sarah have taken up a new project, it remains to be seen how they will manage to complete it. 

The synopsis for the next episode reads: “Bryan finds himself injured at a critical stage in the build, but just when he’s back on his feet, Bryan must leave Adam and Sarah in charge on-site. Then, the project hits a major setback when Adam discovers that lumber is missing.”

Renovation Inc: The Lake House airs on HGTV on Sundays.

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