Sarah and Bryan Baeumler are back with another season of Renovation Island on HGTV, but did the resort put a dent in their net worth?

After the success of the first season, fans had been eagerly waiting for another season of the show to come out. Finally, the second season premiered on June 20. With some more renovation work going on, the Baeumler family is eager to get the resort started!

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What is Renovation Island owner’s net worth?

Sarah and Bryan have a net worth of $20 million. Bryan has always been involved in business and not soon after, Sarah joined in.

He first ran an air-cargo business and made several profits through it. In 2000, he decided to switch jobs and decided to follow his passion for renovating houses. This led Bryan to join HGTV.

He began as a host on shows like Disaster DIY, Disaster DIY: Cottage Edition, Leave It to Bryan, and others. Bryan also built his own house on “House of Bryan. It became one of the highest-rated shows. Following this, Sarah and Bryan teamed up together for Renovation Island.

While Bryan focused on the construction, Sarah took charge of the interior. Together, the two have been making their dreams come true.

How much did Sarah and Bryan Baeumler spend so far?

Building a resort is not an easy job. It comes as no surprise that Sarah and Bryan spent over $10 million on the resort.

The resort was previously known as Emerald Palms resort. With the help of the couple, the resort got the transformation it always needed. Finally, the place was renamed Caerula Mar Club.

The resort is placed in a ten-acre area on the secluded eastern shore of South Andros. With a stunning beach and lush palm trees as a view, there is no doubt that the resort allows its visitors to finally get away from their busy life. The resort also has private Villas and Clubhouse Suites.


Is the resort open?

The resort is currently open. However, it was shut down for a brief period due to the coronavirus pandemic. Just like the rest of the world, Sarah and Bryan’s resort was also impacted.

However, they managed to use that time to further renovate the resort. Luckily, the couple was able to get back to business pretty soon.

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