Some Bargain Block houses are for sale but fan favourite Weird House is sold

Some Bargain Block houses are for sale but fan favourite Weird House is sold

Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas’ transformations on Bargain Block have got viewers asking if the houses are for sale in 2022. The show first premiered on HGTV in 2021 and over the nine weeks that season 1 ran, it attracted 19 million viewers. It’s no wonder that Bargain Block made a return in 2022 with season 2 and fans want more than just to see the home renovations.

Bargain Block season 2 dropped on June 8th and sees Keith, Evan and Shea work together to transform dilapidated abandoned houses in Detroit into stunning and unique homes. The series has seen many different properties developed with Keith and Evan’s eccentric artistry. From the Weird House to the Gatsby House, let’s find out more.

Modern All Black Home Remodel With Added Bathroom | Bargain Block | HGTV

Bargain Block houses

When Keith and Evan redesign a home on Bargain Block, they often go with a unique theme. So, the houses all have different names such as the Weird House, Black House, Doll House and more.

The Bargain Block team often makes a great profit from their home renovations. Some of the houses are purchased for $4,000 and then listed for $85,000. Once the renovation costs of $45,000 are taken off, for example, they can make around $36,000 in profit.

Keith, Evan and Shea renovate homes in the Detroit area and the houses they opt for as usually abandoned or bought at auction.

Bargain Block houses for sale in Detroit

As season 2 airs in 2022, there are some houses from Bargain Block that are still currently for sale.

The house that’s for sale is the Luxe French-inspired home from season 2 episode 2. It was bought for $45,000 and is currently listed for $98,990 on Realtor.

The French-themed house address is 19376 Harlow St, Detroit, MI 48235 and it’s comprised of three bedrooms and one bathroom.

Shea shared on her Instagram page in July 2022 that the property was for sale.

Did Bargain Block’s Weird House sell?

Yes! For many Bargain Block fans who wanted to get their hands on the Weird House, the sad news is true that it’s been sold.

The sold listing can be seen on Shea’s profile on Realtor here.

The 3 bed, 1 bath Weird House sold for $110,900 in November 2021. The Weird House address is 19780 Greenview Ave, Detroit, MI 48219.



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