You may not recognise his name, but you’ll definitely recognise his shows, as Michael Matsumoto is the producer and leading man behind HGTV’s hit home renovation series, Fixer Upper.

The faces of the show are Chip and Joanna Gaines who are followed as they flip family’s houses into something amazing, but Michael on the other hand is famously recognised as the executive producer of High Neon Entertainment – the production company for Fixer Upper.

The legendary producer has a lot more to him than just producing iconic TV shows, keep reading to find out more about Michael Matsumoto.

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A Perfect World: A Deadly Game | Official Trailer | Peacock

A Perfect World: A Deadly Game | Official Trailer | Peacock
Fixer Upper. Picture: Fixer Upper: Welcome Home – Official Trailer | Magnolia Network

Michael Matsumoto’s age, career and more

Matsumoto was born on October 16th, 1981 in Texas, USA. He is currently 39-years-old and will be celebrating the big 40 later on this year. The producer loves his home town and currently resides in Waco, Texas with his wife and kids.

During his successful production career, Michael has worked on some pretty big names in the editorial department of the movie world, including co-producing films like The Skulls, Jeepers Creepers and Slackers.

The famous American producer doesn’t just sit behind the camera, he is often seen in front of the camera too on various TV shows including the ones he works on.

The dad of four appeared on an episode of Fixer Upper with his wife Jessie where the couple asked Chip and Joanna to fix up their own home in Waco, Texas that you can even rent out yourself.

Michael is a huge family man

Aside from his career, the other important thing in Michaels’s life is his family. The producer is a happily married man and met his wife Jessie a few years before they ended up getting married.

The couple tied the knot on November 19th, 2013 and have been husband and wife for almost a decade now. During this time they have had four adorable children.

Their first, Finn Harper Matsumoto was born in 2014 and since him, they have had a set of twins, Oliver and Olivia and one more girl making the perfect little family. Michael is a very proud father and often flaunts his wife and kids via his Instagram which his followers can’t get enough of.

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Michael’s Net Worth

According to Facts Bio, the TV and film producer has made himself a substantial $1 million through his extensive and successful career in the production industry.

Aside from Fixer Upper, Michael has made his money through his production work on other shows including, Flipping Vegas, The Voice, Dogs in the City and Cha$e.

According to his MarriedDivorce bio, he makes an average salary of $68K a year and earns some extra cash through renting out his recently renovated home in Waco, Texas for $350 per week.



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