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Tonight's Flip or Flop episode features a 100-year-old home in Santa Ana

HGTV’s Flip or Flop is a popular American renovation show with ten successful series so far and tonight’s episode will mark the final of Season 10 – and it’s set to be a good one.

Home flippers and renovation duo, Tarek and Christina will be setting out on one of their most challenging century themed homes yet. The episode will be airing at 9 PM on HGTV this evening.

Keep reading if you want to find out more about the final episode of Flip or Flop season 10.

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A Perfect World: A Deadly Game | Official Trailer | Peacock

A Perfect World: A Deadly Game | Official Trailer | Peacock

What’s in store for tonight’s episode?

The episode has been suitably titled Century Flip and will be aired as the closing episode of one of the most successful seasons yet – and it’s rumoured to be full of challenges.

In terms of the project, the clue is in the title. Tarek and Christina will be setting out to renovate a 100-year-old property in the beautiful and historic neighbourhood of Santa Ana, California.

They are said to face a variety of challenges throughout the episode when it comes to preserving the house’s natural and historic charm whilst also incorporating modern features to bring it back to life.

The couple has faced backlash before when it has come down to preserving certain homes’ natural character. Fans have had no issues calling the couple out when they rip out stunning, natural features in the home and replace them with something unnecessarily modern.

Santa Ana is one of the most historic cities in California

Santa Ana is a neighbourhood in California’s Orange County and was claimed by William H. Spurgeon in 1869 making it one of the most historic neighbourhoods across the state.

Due to its well-preserved history and stunning surroundings, Santa Ana is now the second most populous city in Orange County with tourists making sure to stop by throughout the year.

It is now classed as an idyllic place to live and has progressed hugely as a neighbourhood with it having some of the top and most prestigious colleges for sport across the state, including Mater Dei High School.

If Tarek and Christina manage to pull off the renovation tonight, they should have a lot of buyers interested in snapping up the property as soon as possible.

Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Tarek and Christina have tackled a century style home before

Tonight’s renovation shouldn’t be too much of a task for the couple as they worked on another mid-century home in Norwalk, California not too long ago and fans absolutely loved it.

Fans are now hoping they can bring the skills they applied there to tonight’s property. Christina appreciated the house’s natural charm and history and focussed her inspiration on the stunning vintage stove. The interior designer said,

The best part of this house is the ’50s-style oven, it’s so cool, I love the colour — I think no matter what, if we can or can’t use it we need to do a really big throwback to this house, really vintage.

Christina, Flip or Flop

They stuck to the vintage 50’s vibe throughout and the owners ended up loving it. The sale went down in Flip or Flop history as they had over 19 offers on the property before it sold for a whopping $650,000. This gave the team an incredible profit of £133,605.

Fans are hoping the pair will be able to apply the same technique tonight and keep the century style home’s natural character in place.



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