We can't get over the 'Zen Room' featured on HGTV's Home Town
Photo by Meggan Haller for The Washington Post via Getty Images

We can't get over the 'Zen Room' featured on HGTV's Home Town

The new season of HGTV’s Home Town launched in December and so far it has received rave reviews. The renovation series hosted by Mississippi couple, Ben and Erin, receives over 30 million views and it’s easy to see why.

On an episode of the new season, Ben and Erin Napier introduce us to a couple who want their home renovated with a ‘zen style’ room and some other unique qualities. 

Reality Titbit has all the details on the relaxing zen style renovation.

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RACE: Bubba Wallace | Official Trailer | Netflix

RACE: Bubba Wallace | Official Trailer | Netflix
Photo by Meggan Haller for The Washington Post via Getty Images

The Zen Room

During the episode, Ben and Erin set out to help a couple find their dream home. The couple wanted to find their “forever home” in Laurel, Mississippi and contacted Home Town for their help. 

The two main requests the couple had for Ben and Erin were for the house to have a porch, to entertain and host events, as well as a ‘zen room’.

The idea of a zen room is to envoke a peaceful atmosphere and relaxing aura when you’re there. Erin and Ben wanted to create the couple a neutral space with restrained decor but still keeping it fresh and modern.

The couple said they wanted to find their “forever home” and Ben and Erin set out to find and renovate a cosy place they could call their own with a relaxed and unique vibe. 

Tips for creating your own Home Town style ‘Zen Room’

Ben and Erin aren’t the only ones creating zen style rooms, they are becoming much more popular in the design world at the moment and take inspiration from the inclusion of plants, comfort and style.  

We put together some tips and tricks to make your room more zen, check it out. 

  1. Declutter! This is key to any zen room, visible clutter = mental clutter, and having a clean space is the first step to creating your zen room.
  2. Move furniture away from the middle of the room – Having lots of bulky furniture in the centre of your room can make a room feel cluttered and busy. Try moving some stuff to the outside as having an open floor plan gives the feel of a bigger space. 
  3. Find a neutral colour scheme for your room – Try to find a neutral colour palette to flow through your room. Bold colours and patterns – though great – don’t give the zen vibe. Try using neutral tones to keep the room relaxed and peaceful. 
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Erin and Ben’s net worth

Erin and Ben have become a well-known couple in the design and TV world, with their show being one of the most popular on HGTV

As of 2021, according to legitnetworth, Erin is worth around $2.5 Million. Most of this fortune has come from her appearance on HGTV and her other work in the industry. 

Her husband, Ben, is worth a little more – His net worth is approximately $5 million. Similarly to his wife, Ben has made most of his money from Home Town but he also has his own business, Scotsman General Store and Woodshop.



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