Christina Haack is usually glammed to the nines when renovating homes on Flip or Flop, leaving fans curious about exactly how the HGTV star looks completely bare-faced.

She is usually weighing up whether homes can be flipped, or if they are basically just a total disaster that cannot be fixed (aka, a Flop). But viewers can now decide for themselves if Christina without make-up is one or the other.

That’s because we’ve uncovered some pictures of the co-host, who appears to have left the mascara and eyeliner behind temporarily – just for a moment…

See Christina Haack without makeup

Christina tends to go bare-faced when cuddling up to her fiance Joshua Hall.

It looks like she has been ditching the make-up way more often since she met him, with many commenting on her natural appearance. During Flip or Flop, Christina is usually very glammed up with the full make-up works.

Some may think that she’s very unlikely to ever let cameras see her without any mascara or lippy.

But her Instagram is different: a place where she can really show her followers the real her. As of recently, Christina hasn’t felt the need to put makeup on to take pictures for her page.

Many notice that she shines differently with Joshua, and is so comfortable with him that she doesn’t put on makeup.

Fans decide if bare-faced Christina is a Flip or Flop

Looking through Christina’s social media comments, it’s clear to see that most prefer her without the mascara.

Underneath a recent October post on her Instagram [above], she went bare-faced while cuddling up to her beau. One fan said she is “beautiful without makeup”, while another revealed they “love the natural look”.

Another follower simply wrote: “You look really beautiful and natural in this pic.”

So, it’s clear that bare-faced Christina is well and truly NOT a Flop!

Regardless of whether she’s wearing makeup, Christina is a hair icon anyway. Fans actually use her barnet as inspiration when they head to the hairdressers, so the lippy really doesn’t matter.

Christina is rarely seen without her mascara

After many viewed clips of Flip or Flop, there wasn’t one episode we saw of Christina without makeup. Sometimes, she wears sunglasses, which could suggest she didn’t have time to put mascara or eyeliner on that morning.

But in the name of showbiz, most TV personalities have make-up artists on side to help them get ready.

As Instagram is a much more personal blog where Christina can share snippets of her private life, it’s more realistic that she doesn’t wear makeup in her everyday life.

When the cameras are off, the real bare-faced Christina seems to come on show.

In August 2020, she posted the [below] picture which was adored by fans, who claimed that she has “natural beauty”, with some questioning “who looks this good without makeup on?”.



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