Since Renovation Island began airing on HGTV, viewers wonder if the place ever opened, as well as what happened to Caerula Mar Club.

The show sees contractor Bryan Baeumler and his wife Sarah move their family to South Andros Island, Bahamas, to restore a rundown beach resort.

After watching the pros get work done, with hopes for the public to be able to visit the place in real life, there’s no surprise fans have questions.

From when Renovation Island actually opened, to the latest update on the Baeumler family’s Caerula Mar Club, Reality Titbit can answer them all.

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Island of Bryan Sneak Peak Trailer – Season 2

Island of Bryan Sneak Peak Trailer – Season 2

When did Renovation Island open?

  • It was first opened in winter 2019

The Baeumler family began filming at the Island of Bryan in 2018, with plans to officially open the resort in May 2019.

Bryan and Sarah then opened it to the public – for the first time on a HGTV show – under a new name, Caerula Mar Club, in winter 2019.

However, the Renovation Island resort had to close as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which was a difficult decision for the family.

What happened to Caerula Mar Club?

  • Caerula Mar Club had to close before reopening in 2020

In March that year, following the Covid-19 pandemic closure, the Baeumlers reopened their hotel but had to close it again for several months.

Although they were able to officially reopen it in October 2020, but the closure didn’t come without difficulty for Sarah and Bryan.

Their renovations had to be paused, existing reservations had to be cancelled, and travellers were refunded.

When they were finally able to open in October, they had to put strict safety measures in place, such as the following:

  • Provide proof of a negative COVID test within five days of travelling
  • Secure a travel health visa from the Bahamas
  • Take another Covid-19 test within five days of arrival

Renovation Island: How much does it cost?

A single night at a clubhouse suite at Caerula Mar Club costs between $385 and $755. This price is correct at the time of publication and a three-night stay is required when booking.

Prices for a villa stay vary between $625 and $1,715.

Villas and clubhouse suites include AC, luxury linens and robes, Sarah Baeumler x Lovefresh bath amenities, and other features.

Visit the resort’s official website for an up-to-date information on prices and health measures during this time.



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