Where is Farmhouse Fixer filmed? HGTV's new renovation show!

Farmhouse Fixer is HGTV’s latest renovation series, which premiered on March 3rd, 2021. Where is Farmhouse Fixer filmed?

Makeover and renovation tv shows will probably never get old and amid a pandemic, where there isn’t much else to do, we appreciate them more than ever.

Farmhouse Fixer is a new renovation show on HGTV, which focuses on the remaking of farmhouses into liveable spaces.

The farmhouses featured on Farmhouse Fixer have made viewers question where the renovation show is filmed. Here’s everything you need to now!

Where is Farmhouse Fixer filmed?

Farmhouse Fixer is entirely filmed in New England, which consists of six states: Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine.

The states of New England that Farmhouse Fixer was filmed in are Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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Massachusetts is where the majority of Farmhouse Fixer was filmed, and the filming of the show wrapped up in November 2020.

New England has been a popular filming location since the early twentieth century, where well-known films, like Good Will Hunting and The Departed, were filmed.

Apart from being a beautiful filming location, another reason why New England attracts filmmakers is because of the tax incentives.

Jonathan Knight presents Farmhouse Fixer

HGTV’s renovation show is presented by Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin.

You are probably used to seeing Jonathan Knight singing as a member of the Grammy-nominated group “New Kids on the Block,” but he’s now showcasing his restoring old buildings passion through the six-episode series of Farmhouse Fixer.

In Farmhouse Fixer, Jonathan takes fans step-by-step as he restores centuries-old New England farmhouses.Jonathan Knight is a seasoned renovation expert who has overhauled more than 200 houses.

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In an interview with PopCulture, Jonathan revealed that renovation “is in my blood.”

“My grandfather, my uncle, my dad, they all loved home renovation and were very handy. As a young kid, it has always been around me and something I could help them out with. So, it definitely runs deep in my veins,” Jonathan claimed proudly.

Watch Farmhouse Fixer on HGTV every Wednesday at 9pm EST.

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