Where is Good Bones season 6 filmed? Inside location of HGTV series!

Good Bones is heading back to HGTV for its sixth season, as Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiack transform properties in a certain location.

The mother-daughter duo have been turning rundown homes into beautiful places to live for years, and we all get to see it on the HGTV channel.

While they attempt to get the work done under budget and timing pressures, some viewers may be wondering where filming takes place.

From exploring the location to finding out how the sixth series was filmed, Reality Titbit have got all you need to know about the show covered.

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Where is Good Bones season 6 filmed?

  • Old Southside, Indianapolis

Mina, who has another baby on the way, is returning to Old Southside.

During the premiere season six episode, she and mom Karen aim to turn a lot filled with insects into an oasis for a new family.

The neighbourhood is mostly industrial, but is best known for its Lucas Oil Stadium, where Indiana Colts play football games, and big concerts happen.

It is in walking distance of Fountain Square, with the idea to renovate buildings in areas close to each other so there is a visible effect on the area.

Inside Good Bones season 6’s location

The Old Southside Historic District has plenty to do for visitors.

Some of its restaurants are Shapiro’s Delicatessen, known for its pastrami sandwiches, as well as sports bars, fast food chains and steakhouses.

Rehabbing homes in the Indianapolis location is important to Mina, who told The List why they chose Fountain Square as their starting point.

She said:

So we started in Fountain Square simply because it was close to downtown, and it was affordable, and there were dilapidated properties that we had $10,000 to buy. And then once we’d done a chunk in that area, and you see like, “Oh, okay, we’ve done three on two blocks.”

The area is very historic. During the early 1830s, Irish and Germans arrived as builders of the Central Canal and workers on the National Road.

In 1856, the first Jewish congregation, the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation, was organized.

Then in 1914, the Jewish Federation built a settlement house on the Southside on Morris Street.

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How was season 6 filmed during Covid?

The crew and cast were tested three days a week during filming.

These precautions included PCR and rapid tests, according to Mina, who revealed the safety measures during an interview with The List.

She said: “For us, we were in a uniquely tricky position, because a lot of other shows just shut down filming, which made sense.”

But they’re shows where they’re renovating someone’s kitchen or maybe your backyard, and you can just not do that. You can wait, but we’re renovating houses. A lot of them were already under contract to close, and it’s like, “How can you quarantine in your home if your home’s not done?”

Meet Karen & Mina | Good Bones Trailer | HGTV

Meet Karen & Mina | Good Bones Trailer | HGTV



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