Where is HGTV's Home Town filmed? Show's location explored

Where is HGTV's Home Town filmed? Show's location explored

HGTV’s Home Town has delighted its fans with an all-new season this year. However, where is Home Town filmed?

Home Town’s Ben and Erin Napier have always made sure they give their clients exactly what they are looking for. In 2021, the show came back to the television screen with a brand new season. With new clients and new ideas, Ben and Erin have been unbeatable in the game of renovation.

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Where is HGTV’s Home Town filmed?

Weeks after the new season was confirmed, HGTV revealed the filming location for Home Town. The show is shot in the Southern city of Wetumpka, Alabama, as per their website. The city was selected from a number of other options.

Erin and Ben thought Wetumpka would be perfect for their show because the city needed “some structural and aesthetic enhancements.” They further added that they wish to bring “new hope and inspiration to an entire community.”

Erin and Ben revealed they changed the location because they wanted to step away from their usual. At the same time, the pair wanted to bring joy into the lives of others. Erin and Ben follow their mission “of helping to establish and foster a town’s persona that draws on its roots, history, resources, and traditions.”

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Ben and Erin react to renovating a small town:

The pair opened up about their new project while talking to HGTV. “Renovating one house at a time is an awesome experience. But the chance to support an entire town, where we help bring a community back to life — that’s something we’ve always wanted to try,” Ben said.

Ben and I often speak about our love of small-town living and what that lifestyle means to the people who live in one,” Erin said. “The people of Wetumpka know they have a small town that’s worth saving, and now the world will see why this tight-knit community deserves a fresh start.”

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