HGTV: Where is Inside Out filmed? Locations of renovation show revealed!

Inside Out is HGTV’s new reality TV show which features Mike Pyle, a landscape designer, and Carmine Sabatella, an interior designer.

Mike will be designing the outside of the house, while Carmine will be focusing on the inside, but the two will be going head to head to compete for a bigger part of the renovation budget.

Whoever’s designs impress the clients the most will win the larger sum of the budget, although the clients will still get a beautiful home inside and out at the end.

Where is HGTV’s Inside Out filmed?

HGTV’s new home renovation show Inside Out is filmed in California, more specifically, Southern California.

In the trailer for the show, Carmine introduced them, saying: “We’re home renovators from Southern California. I’m Carmine, I handle everything from the walls, in. Mike handles everything from the walls out.”

We can expect to see some stunning renovations from the dynamic duo of Carmine and Mike in the Southern California region, and we know that one of the episodes from season 1 is filmed at Long Beach, California.

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Carmine shared a post on Instagram from the set of Inside Out, which he captioned: “Episode 3- Long Beach.”

How to watch Inside Out on HGTV

Inside Out premiers on Monday, April 26th at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Series one will have seven episodes and follows Carmine and Mike as they each pitch their designs to the clients on the show.

In a press release, the Inside Out description reads:

“The budget is set, so the guys must be persuasive to score a bigger chunk of the dollars to either max out the interiors or make the most of the outdoor spruce up. More money for Carmine will mean clients get all they want and more for their home’s interior, while extra cash for Mike will give the property wow-factor curb appeal and major outdoor living perks. “

However, no matter who gets the majority of the renovation budget, both the interior and exterior will get a transformation.

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