Why has Home Town changed locations? Reason behind Alabama setting!

Home Town has become known as one of HGTV’s most popular renovation shows. So, why does it look like it has changed locations?

The series usually sees married couple Ben and Erin Napier take over their own hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, where they transform homes.

But this time, a new spin-off series has changed things up for the pair, who have a fresh location to work with – for 12 major restorations.

Have you been wondering why Home Town changed its location? Why did they change up their usual Mississippi base? Here’s why it all changed.

Screenshot: Home Town Takeover Sneak Peek | HGTV YouTube

Where is Home Town Takeover filmed?

  • Wetumpka, Alabama

The small city was visited by Erin and Ben Napier, along with their renovation team, for four months.

Completing 12 major renovations during their visit, the couple decided to “make something good” in the city, based in Elmore County.

Wetumpka, Alabama, is near the Coosa River, and is known as “The City of Natural Beauty”. The name “Wetumpka” translates to rumbling waters.

With the help of Russell Construction of Alabama, Erin and Ben saw the potential of the small town, much like they did in Laurel, Mississippi.

This time is different though, as the co-hosts weren’t as familiar with the place like they are in their own home town!

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Wetumpka, Alabama: Home Town

The small town – where only 8,278 residents live – will certainly be a new discovery for many viewers who have not visited the place before.

During Erin and Ben’s visit, they head to the following locations (which could make for popular tourist bases after the show airs):

  • The “Big Fish” house, East Bridge Street
  • Coaches Corner Sports Bar & Grill, Orline Street
  • Company Street
  • Jerry’s Barber Shop, Opelika

As we would expect, the renovation duo also head to the 12 basic homes, where they manage to turn them into dreamy places to live.

Why has Home Town changed locations?

  • It was the most highly voted-for location by viewers

With the whole focus of Home Town for Erin and Ben to home in on small towns across the US, it made sense to give the public the vote.

Different towns all over the nation were able to submit entries, in a bid to have the wife-husband-duo and their crew visit their homes.

After a month of searching, it was discovered that the winner of the competition was Wetumpka, Alabama – and the decision was made!



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